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Are You Kidding? You Want to Join My LinkedIn Network?


People frequently ask me what they should do when people they don’t know invite them to connect on LinkedIn. This will begin to happen with greater frequency as you become more active on LinkedIn, especially if you decide to join larger groups. Some people assume that because you’re members of the same group, you will want to connect with them on the first-degree level. To see who wants to join your network, click the Add…Continue Reading »

Got a Meeting? Then You Better Get on LinkedIn

Businessman Searching Candidate With Magnifying Glass

Way to go! You finally got that meeting or phone call set up with a person you’ve been looking forward to talking with. Whether it’s a sales call, job interview, donor information session, or just a casual coffee with someone who might be able to help you, you’ve taken the first step. But how can you best prepare for this important meeting? Go straight to the person’s LinkedIn profile. It’s a virtual goldmine of insights about…Continue Reading »

Is Your LinkedIn Profile Just the Beginning or is it a Dead End?


Almost everything on LinkedIn starts with your profile. An impressive profile is likely to spark engagement with you, but a lackluster profile may cause viewers to head straight to your competitor’s profile. Therefore, it’s important to build out a comprehensive and visually appealing profile.  A few weeks ago I shared with you simple ways to tune up the five most important sections of your profile–photo, headline, summary, current job titles, and job experiences). If you…Continue Reading »

How to Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile for Mobile (Part 2)


Last week I addressed seven simple ways to tweak your LinkedIn profile to give it a more professional appearance on the mobile app–and also improve the likelihood that viewers will engage with you. Let me remind you again that you can do some editing on the mobile site, but I suggest you make changes to your profile on the LinkedIn site rather than on the app. However, wherever you choose to make changes, be sure to check…Continue Reading »

How to Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile for Mobile (Part 1)


Have you checked what your LinkedIn profile looks like on the new LinkedIn mobile app? If you haven’t, you may be surprised when you see what information LinkedIn has decided to highlight, truncate or eliminate altogether. With over 50 percent of LinkedIn members now using the mobile app, you could be missing the boat when it comes to promoting your professional brand. . How to get your mobile house in order Here are some of…Continue Reading »

These 2015 Secret LinkedIn Changes Will Help You Succeed in the New Year


Happy New Year! LinkedIn made a number of big, well-publicized changes this year, like commercial use search limit, the complete revamp of groups, and changing the messaging system from an email-based system to more of a text messaging system. The links above will get you up to speed if you missed any of these changes. But before we close the book on 2015, here are some of the less-publicized additions and changes LinkedIn made last year and…Continue Reading »

Here is My Gift of Appreciation For You


Merry Christmas and happy holidays! Because this is the season of giving, I have a special gift for you–my LinkedIn Game Plan for Success: Your One-Hour Weekly Playbook for Results. It’s received rave reviews from my recent audiences, and I know you’re going to love it, too. . LinkedIn Game Plan for Success You can download the full worksheet below, but here’s a quick summary of the weekly process that’s sure to kick-start your business and…Continue Reading »

Is Your LinkedIn Data Adequately Protected?

last day of the month

Do you remember how your mom used to say “Better safe than sorry”? Well, as we approach the end of the year, I strongly suggest that you take a better-safe-than-sorry approach with your LinkedIn profile and related information.  Here are three simple steps you can take to safeguard your LinkedIn account, because occasionally “stuff” happens, and you don’t want to lose your profile or your network and have to start from square one. . Download…Continue Reading »

Use LinkedIn to Make Your Next Business Lunch More Productive


Do you want to make sure your next lunch meeting with one of your LinkedIn connections is a home run? This easy, five-minute trick may be so productive that you’ll be happy to pick up the lunch tab. . Check out your lunch date’s network Go to your lunch date’s profile and scroll down to his/her connections. When you click the magnifying glass, a keyword search box will appear. Type in any keywords (e.g., president) or…Continue Reading »

Are You Serving Up Leftovers On Your LinkedIn Profile?


Have you been treating the Interests section of your LinkedIn profile like a plate of Thanksgiving leftovers? Interests is a subsection of the Additional Info section and can include up to 1,000 characters. It’s typically displayed way down on the bottom of someone’s profile, and people tend to put the “leftovers” there–statements or terms that don’t seem to fit anywhere else on their profile. The Interests section can actually be quite valuable, and here are a few…Continue Reading »