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Is Your LinkedIn Profile Helping Your Competitors?

One of the highlights of my work week is helping people improve their LinkedIn profile and formulate a strategy for engaging in the kind of LinkedIn activities that will produce real results (see special offer below to book a phone consultation with me). More often than not, one of the LinkedIn features we talk about (and it applies to both profile optimization and activity strategy) is the People Also Viewed profile section. This optional section (that’s right,…Continue Reading »

Did LinkedIn Make the Right Choice for You?

LinkedIn just added an exciting new feature that should really improve your ability to communicate with your connections. But as exciting as it may seem, I highly recommend you thoughtfully review the related settings for this feature and possibly revisit some of your current strategies relating to connecting and messaging. The new feature is referred to as Active Status, and, simply put, it’s a way for you to see if a connection is currently active on the…Continue Reading »

Here is a Really Easy Way to Spruce Up Your LinkedIn Profile

Media can be the great differentiator. It can take your LinkedIn profile from ho-hum to phenomenal—and compel viewers to contact you about your products and services, job opportunities, and more. My most recent LinkedIn User Survey showed that less than half of the respondents are taking advantage of this powerful profile feature. Don’t tell anyone at LinkedIn that I said this, but I think it’s so good that they could probably charge for it. In a…Continue Reading »

Trust Me, You’ll Love This New LinkedIn Feature

Great news! Searching through one of your LinkedIn connection’s network to find a certain type of person just got much easier—and this applies to you whether you have a free account or you’re paying to use LinkedIn. If you’re like me, you really appreciate receiving referrals from people in your network, but it’s not easy to ask the open-ended question,”Who in your network could help me find a job, customer, etc.?” And rather than putting…Continue Reading »

One of the Best Hard-to-Find LinkedIn Features is Still Available

LinkedIn has many great features that are very hard to find, and one of the joys of my job is showing my clients how to not only find them but also how to use these features in a strategic and purposeful way. One feature that really amazes most folks is LinkedIn’s Alumni feature that allows you to search for others who have walked the same hallowed halls as you did. You won’t believe the incredible…Continue Reading »

Do You Look Like an Expert on LinkedIn or Just a Bragger?

A few years back my mom said, I thought I taught you that bragging is not nice! I looked at your LinkedIn thing, and you’re tooting your horn all over the place. Well, there definitely is a fine line between being real and authentic on your LinkedIn profile and appearing boastful or pretentious. However, it’s extremely important to clearly show people why you are expert at what you do and share valuable information with your…Continue Reading »

Is Your LinkedIn Network Made Up of the Right People?

What percentage of your LinkedIn connections are in your target audience? That’s a question I’ve been asking the people who have taken advantage of my special $175, one-hour, one-on-one consultation in the last few months (see below for details). Here are the answers I get from the majority of the people: . I don’t know Never thought about that Maybe 10 to 15 percent That tells me most people aren’t being very strategic in adding…Continue Reading »

LinkedIn Helps You Celebrate Your Big Day

LinkedIn loves to help you celebrate your birthday, work anniversary or job change—but what does this LinkedIn love look like? By a high priority notification, LinkedIn drives many of your connections to your LinkedIn profile. And because profile views, especially from the right folks, often lead to good things, this is an awesome gift from LinkedIn. Of course, now you’re wondering, what can I do to take advantage of the upcoming celebration? . Before the celebration Get your…Continue Reading »

What is the Real Opportunity for Companies on LinkedIn?

LinkedIn has tremendous value for individual people to improve their brand and increase the size and quality of their network. But from a company’s viewpoint, the value proposition is sometimes not quite as obvious, because LinkedIn was designed as an individual-centric platform. However, as a business leader, imagine what benefits your company could derive from the site if you could, as they say, “herd the cats” and get your employees’ profiles consistent and accurate as they relate…Continue Reading »

Is it Time to Dust Off Your LinkedIn Connections?

Are you collecting LinkedIn connections like you used to collect baseball cards? And are they just sitting there, like that box filled with baseball cards that’s gathering dust in the closet? Well, it’s time to take action and use LinkedIn to maximize those relationships. Follow these six simple steps to create a win-win situation for you and your network. . Step 1:  Define with whom you want to go deeper Your LinkedIn network is made…Continue Reading »