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Are You Serving Up Leftovers On Your LinkedIn Profile?


Have you been treating the Interests section of your LinkedIn profile like a plate of Thanksgiving leftovers? Interests is a subsection of the Additional Info section and can include up to 1,000 characters. It’s typically displayed way down on the bottom of someone’s profile, and people tend to put the “leftovers” there–statements or terms that don’t seem to fit anywhere else on their profile. The Interests section can actually be quite valuable, and here are a few…Continue Reading »

You Better Look at Your LinkedIn Profile Right Away


Your LinkedIn profile should be like a resume on steroids. In other words, you should go way beyond your one- or two-page traditional resume. You’ll want to share lots of relevant information about yourself and your company, and it should be especially compelling to your target audience. I suggest you start with the most important sections of your profile. If you can’t answer “yes” to all of the questions below, get busy and beef up your…Continue Reading »

What Do You Want People To Do After Reviewing Your LinkedIn Profile?


After someone looks at their LinkedIn profile, most people would like the reader to call them, email them, or send them a LinkedIn connection request. Those are good action steps, but wouldn’t it be even better if they’d buy millions of dollars worth of what you sell, hire you right away, or do something else that’s really big? But what if the reader is not quite ready to take that big step? What if he needs…Continue Reading »

Did You Know LinkedIn Could Do This?


This week I’m preparing to present to a group that invites me back each year, and they always want to learn about the secret, hard-to-find, really cool LinkedIn features I’ve discovered over the past year. I hope you learn some new tricks from this sneak peek of my presentation outline. “In Common With.” This LinkedIn feature shows you at a glance what you have in common with another person (e.g., schools, groups, companies, locations, skills, causes, and…Continue Reading »

Is Your Company Making These 10 Deadly LinkedIn Mistakes?


One plus one equals two, right? Well, not in the LinkedIn world. For the most part, LinkedIn members have been using the site to pursue their individual goals and objectives. It’s now time for the company to gather up the troops and bring all these individuals together—with their connections and their voices—and put forth a consistent company message. There is immense exponential value when the employees and company work together. To help business leaders corral…Continue Reading »

7 Ways to Share Your Expertise on LinkedIn

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Have you or your company created a helpful resource that displays your knowledge or expertise–a checklist, video, white paper, customer testimonial, survey results, etc.? This is a great way to not only build credibility but also to promote yourself and your company. But once you’ve created the awesome resource, how can you get it into the hands of people you know and people you’d like to know? LinkedIn to the rescue! . 7 simple ways…Continue Reading »

Do You Want to Know How to Crank Up Your LinkedIn Referral Machine?

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Don’t you just love referrals? Whether it’s a referral to an exciting new customer with big potential, a new supplier or vendor with a more effective solution, or a referral to your next great employer, referrals are not only highly effective but they are usually fun as well. I trust you’re already aware of many LinkedIn features that will help you get more referrals. For instance, it’s easy to take a look at your target’s…Continue Reading »

Your LinkedIn Treasure Chest is Waiting to be Found


Last week I stumbled upon a hidden treasure chest, and I could hardly wait to share it with you. LinkedIn hasn’t given it a name, so let’s just refer to it as the LinkedIn Keyword Treasure Chest. To access the treasure chest, simply cut and paste this URL into your web browser: Then enter the keyword or keywords you’re interested in researching–for instance, If you have multiple words, like search engine optimization, be sure to try…Continue Reading »

Do You Want to Know How to Double Your LinkedIn Profile Views?


Most people will agree that LinkedIn is the best marketing tool on the planet for business professionals. And part of your marketing strategy, whether marketing yourself and/or your products and services, should be to encourage marketing events or interactions with your target audience. One of the most important marketing events on LinkedIn is profile views. When someone views your profile, it’s like they walked into your store, ready to do some shopping. So, how do…Continue Reading »

Here’s a LinkedIn Setting You Better Think Twice About


As I was consulting with a corporate sales team this week on the best LinkedIn features for finding prospects, I added a new one to the list. It’s the People Also Viewed box in the right column of your profile. This tells you who else people are looking at besides you–and it’s probably people who have similar characteristics to you. Now, LinkedIn doesn’t share exactly how it works (other than this interview with a LinkedIn data…Continue Reading »