Welcome back to Wayne's World. biz guy rocksRock on, Garth! Pretty bad humor, I know, but I have been wanting to use that as my opening line for so long. Thanks for bearing with me on my flashback to my past.


This week I am going to share with you the highlights of the 2011 Midyear Power Formula for LinkedIn User Survey. But before I start, I want to thank all of you who took the time to complete the survey--over 470 respondents this time around.


Congratulations to the three individuals who won the Grand Prize--my Linkedin DVD Training Bundle, with a value of $109. It is really priceless, but I had to put a price on them! In other words, you get to see me on your big screen TV or computer for over 3 hours. Sounds like a party to me, don't you think, Garth?  


My comments will be the 35,000 foot view of the survey results, but you can get the full details by clicking here


I will start by sharing with you a snapshot of what Mr. or Mrs. (Ms.) Average LinkedIn User looks like: 

  • They score LinkedIn as a 4 or 5 (5=Extremely important, 1=Not important at all) (61%)
  • They also use Facebook (78%) and Twitter (51%) for business
  • They have been on Linkedin for over a year (78%)
  • They are using the free account (91%)
  • Their primary purpose for using Linkedin is to grow and keep in touch with their network (55%)
  • They say that LinkedIn has helped them with:
    • Reconnecting with past business associates/colleagues (68%)
    • Researching people and companies (66%) 
  • They have over 100 first-degree connections (63%)
  • Their profile is not 100% complete as defined by Linkedin (56%)
  • They allow their first-degree connections to view their other first-degree connections (68%)
  • They are a member of at least 10 groups (54%)
  • They spend 0-2 hours a week using LinkedIn (53%)
  • They could use help on LinkedIn with the following:
    • Developing a specific strategy or plan for how to use LinkedIn (66%)
    • Want to understand the ways in which advanced users are using LinkedIn (58%)
  • They found the following features on Linkedin most helpful:
    • Groups (75%)
    • People searching and related information gathering (63%)
    • People You May Know (63%)
    • Company searching and related information gathering (55%)


Okay. So, what are the actionable takeaways from this data, along with my two cents on each?

  • You better have at least 100 connections. (This is the fuel that makes it go)
  • Quit obsessing about whether you should be on the paid account. (This could change, but as of now you probably don't need a paid account)
  • Take advantage of the fact that most of your connections allow you to look through the names of their first-level connections. (There's gold in them thar hills; no doubt about it. This could and should be your #1 strategy!)
  • In your two hours a week, you should be involved in groups, people and company searching, and checking People You May Know.
  • Most importantly, try to develop a strategy or plan, and it should start with researching people you want to meet since that is what LinkedIn is the best at. (Download my free resource: "People Searching: Your Ticket to Improved ROI") I will provide more strategy tips in future emails.