Hello All

During this past week at my training sessions I had several people share some of the successes they are beginning to have on Linkedin. What is not coincidental is that these people do have more than 50 connections and so as I mentioned in my training you really need to get to this threshold of "Trusted Professionals" in your network. Having around 20 connections just doesn't get it done at least for this benefit of Linkedin. Also I am noticing people getting better and better at their profile telling THEIR story and why they are the best at what they do. On that note let me start with a profile tip:

Profile Tips-- Use the right keywords in your summary. Keywords are especially important if you're looking for a new job or hoping to pick up some consulting work. Although you should used a few keywords in your professional experience paragraph, you should really use all the appropriate keywords for skills you've acquired when you write the Specialites section of your summary. Potential employers will scan that section looking for the right qualifications first, before making any contact. These keywords are also super important for people trying to find you and or your products or specialities.

Connection Tips-- Have you browed your connections networks yet? This is a very fruitful ground for finding new connections but also getting a feel for just who a person knows and hangs out with. Once you figure out which of your connections is what I like to call "a home run", be sure to periodically recheck thier network, since you and your business focus may have shifted and the last time you looked you might not have been thinking about the last project and or prospect you are working on. Being sure to spend time reviewing Network Updates is also one of best ways to see "Who is Meeting Who".

Wildcard Tip or Question-- If you are a JobSeeker, have you used the advanced search function to look for recruiters that specialize in your industry or specialty? I have heard lots of success stories based on this search. Try it.