Hello one of my group of "early adopters" of Linkedin Users- Let's hope that the welcome does apply to you, it has been 12 weeks after all. This usually means that in the circles you hang out in you probably know more than most making you an --"expert"! The momentum continues as Linkedin now has over 50 million users, that is nothing but good news to the rest of us that have been on for a while, we have the connections and the ability to search so much more effectively than those just starting their journey. Speaking of SEARCHing-- are you? Remember this is one of the major benefits, be sure to spend time searching for; potential customers & suppliers, people you may want to hire; your competitors, people that you can strategically align your business development efforts with and people that you are connected to. Don't forget you can save the searches that work well for you.

 Profile Tips-- Have you taken advantage of the Box.net application or the Slide Share application yet? If not you need to, this is really a way to "Beef Up" your profile and also a resource for you to point people to when you meet them at events. Also I still see lots of people who don't have their picture on their profile. This is really a missed opportunity for people to remember you, don't worry if you look like the "bald furniture guy", you are who you are and you still want people to remember and want to do business with you. If your photo is not a very business like picture consider changing it out to a better one.

Connection Tips-- Have you reviewed your connections and relooked at the connections of the people in your network that have a large number of connections (100 or more). The reason this is so important to do from time to time is that these people represent "power networkers" and they love to help people and thus they not only have a big number that may be very useful to you but they would go out of their way to make a connection or introduction if they thought they could help a friend. When you get done with that review you should have a few actions steps which may include: -People you need to have lunch or breakfast with -People you should ask for an introduction to(maybe through Linkedin) -People you should contact to make an introduction for them -People who you haven't sold anything to lately that need a reminder of you and your products or services -People who you should write a recommendation for or ask for a recommendation -People who you should forward someone else's profile to as potentially interesting to them

Wildcard Tip or Question-- I found two resources that I think you may find useful in your quest to help your networking using Linkedin and they both are ways to "learn and listen" while doing other things like driving or cutting the lawn or taking a walk: The official BNI podcast at: http://www.bnipodcast.com/, including episode 101 an interview with Jan Vermieren who wrote "How to REALLY use Linkedin". A one hour interview with a Linkedin Power User/Teacher at : http://www.Linkedinseminar.com.

Miscellaneous News and Notes-- Here is my upcoming schedule for teaching/speaking so you can share with other friends, relatives and business associates, JobSeeker events are noted accordingly, you can contact the venue directly for more information and registration other than the events noted as "Open" which in that case they can contact me directly

Linkedin Speed Training Mon Nov 9-Westbrook Church, Hartland 6:00-8:30pm (JobSeeker) Register by emailing John Scott at management4growth@yahoo.com

Thurs Nov 12-Grey Hair Management at Coquette Café, Milwaukee 5:00-6:00pm Register at http://www.grayhairmanagement.com

Sat Nov 14-Open Linkedin Speed Training at M&M Office Interiors 9:00-10:30am Register by emailing me at wbreitbarth@mmoffice.com

Fri Nov 20-SBDC & South Shore Econ Adv Center; Tri City Bank, South Milw 7:30-9:30am Register by calling 414-227-3098

Leveraging Your Linkedin Network-Advanced Linkedin Speed Training

Mon Nov 16-Metropolitan Builders Association-their office 8:00am-9:30am

Mon Nov 16-Lake Country Chamber & WCTC-at WCTC 5:00pm-8:30pm

Make this a great week to help a friend move forward on the benefits of Linkedin, after all you are an "expert "now! Don't underestimate this ability to help a person in need.


Wayne C. Breitbarth

President M&M Office Interiors, Inc.

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office 262-781-2600

cell 414-313-7785