Great to Have You Back-

The more time I spend on Linkedin the more I realize that most people's profiles don't get even close to telling the compelling story of who you are and why you should be THE CHOICE for a position or a provider of products or services. To that end be sure to take the time to follow the tip completely that follows for your profile review and try to help each other, you'll find it very helpful and lots of fun.

Profile Tips-- Here is an exercise that I think you will find very helpful, I sure did when I did it recently:

-Print a copy of your Linkedin Profile as it exists within Linkedin -Print a copy of your Linkedin Public Profile

 -Compare the two making sure that what is different is what you desire to be different

-Ask yourself these questions-

Would I want to connect with this person?

Would I want to hire this person?

Would I want to do business with this person?

Does this person look like a person have a compelling story about who they are and why they are better than competition or other candidate?

Does this profile catch my attention?

-Print a copy of the public profile of your #1 competitor and ask the same questions

-Meet with a close business associate or friend and have a "critique profiles" lunch event If you do follow these steps I am sure you will really improve on one of the major benefits of Linkedin--Your resume "on steroids".

Connection Tips-- Are you still using the standard invitation yet? If so did you know that you have just reduced the odds of a person accepting. Also you have missed an opportunity to explain to someone why you want them to join your network and for what reason and not just to add the numbers and hope someday you find them or their connections in a search. You will come off much smarter and more worthwhile as a future contact.

Wildcard Tip or Question-- Here is a link to a useful tool from Jan Wallen wrote "Mastering Linkedin in 7 Days or less, it is called the best 10 minutes you will spend on Linkedin. Check it out at:

Miscellaneous News and Notes-- Here is my upcoming schedule for teaching/speaking so you can share with other friends, relatives and business associates, JobSeeker events are noted accordingly, you can contact the venue directly for more information and registration other than the events noted as "Open" which in that case they can contact me directly:

Linkedin Speed Training

Tues Dec 1-Holy Grounds Coffee Shop Eastbrook Church 5:30-7:30pm (Job-seeker) No charge but space is limited. Register by e-mailing Richard Dassow at:

Have a super networking week and be sure to invite those couple of key "work-in-process" connections to join your network quickly after your initial meeting, it may just be the one you have been looking for!

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