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Are you spending your 1-3 hours per week on Linkedin that over half of the people that took my poll said they did? It will be interesting to see if these numbers change over time as people start to see more benefits as they get better at the tool. I share these numbers so that you can gauge the time you are spending and whether the reason you haven't found Linkedin useful has to do with the amount of effort or the fact that you are still learning the capabilities. Remember this is a big change for all of us and it doesn't take place over night, so be patient and stick with it! Maybe this weeks tips will help.

Profile Tips-- One of the most important things that your profile should be doing for you is adding to your credibility with people that view it. One of the best ways is use the box.net files (application on Linkedin, loaded by downloading on left side of Linkedin account) and post helpful articles, "how to's", white papers or anything your business uses to help customers on the things that make you expert at what you do. Don't just put marketing pieces but put things from experts in your field or from your organization that you feel are showing the expertise you have that can help people. Remember this whole "social networking thing" starts with helping people NOT selling.

Connection Tips-- Go through all the groups you are a member of and look for people to connect to that you already know but also look for titles and companies for people you don't know evaluating them as a potential customers, suppliers, alliance organizations or someone that you should meet as a possible help in developing your business strategy. You will be amazed how much people in Linkedin groups want to help other people in the group, this may seem odd but once again this is how this "social networking thing "works....try it you'll like it.

 Wildcard Tip or Question-- If you haven't been using the Events tool you should. It is really getting to be a helpful tool for finding great events to go to around town. For example you can keyword search for networking and Linkedin event as well as tell who is already signed up for the event check this out. The other cool thing is that once you sign up for an event it posts on your profile but also pings all your connections that you are going to that event, which may help them get out of the house and go to an event as well since you are already going to be there. Quite helpful.

Miscellaneous News and Notes-- Here is my upcoming schedule for teaching/speaking so you can share with other friends, relatives and business associates, JobSeeker events are noted accordingly, you can contact the venue directly for more information and registration other than the events noted as "Open" which in that case they can contact me directly:

Linkedin Speed Training & Advanced Linkedin Speed Training

Since most business folk are busy with holiday celebrations/events and many also have year-end work (that would be me), I am taking some time off for just that and will have my January dates and events announced in a future edition. I look forward to seeing you all in 2010. Stay tuned. Have a great networking week....BE HELPFUL.


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