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Hope your week was filled with new relevant connections and deepening of existing relationships that will help you land that next big order or find a person who can help you in that charity you love to support.  This weeks tips are really starting to get into some of the cool things that Linkedin is starting to do for people around here as I meet many each week.  Let's get started.  

Profile Tips--   Lots of people are still not using all three of the websites that are available on your profile in the always important "above the line (blue box)" area.  This is either a missed marketing opportunity or at the very least missed opportunity to tell more about "your story" and why you are better than the next guy.  This is the only place on your profile that you can actually put a "hotlink" to a website.  It also gives you more SEO points so that you will move up in the Google rankings. Remember to also changes the name on the websites from Linkedin's default of "My Company" etc., to something that encourages people to CLICK!    Some of the links I have seen besides the actually business you are currently involved in are; blogs, videos, websites of your favorite charity, websites of your college, links to websites of events you are sponsoring and your twitter or facebook page.                       

Connection Tips--   Try to use the "Get Introduced Through a Connection" function twice this week if you never had.  My suggestion to do this is find two of your very best friends on Linkedin and look through their connections and pick a person that you could meet for a non-pressure business reason and not to try to sell something to them.  You may also want to make sure that person has a significant amount of connections, like over 50, that way you know they are fairly confident and familiar with Linkedin and it's tools and uses. Call your friends or send an email ahead of time to give them a "heads up" and see what happens.  You may be very surprised how easy it was and the results you will get.    This practice will help you gain confidence on one of the best tools of Linkedin so that when the time comes for the "Million Cubicle connection" you can go for it!  

Wildcard Tip or Question--   Looking to hire experienced employees that used to work for one of your competitors that have gone through some type of downsizing or layoffs?  Use advanced search function and put in the Company name and "past" after that and you will get a nice list of who you may want to meet to join your team emerald carpet cleaning.  After that you have a few choices on Linkedin on how you could contact them:                    

 1.  Send an inmail, if you have any left                    

 2.  Ask them to join your network and explain you would like to get together                    

3.  Ask for an introduction if they are a #2 or #3 in your network                

Miscellaneous News and Notes--  


Here is my upcoming schedule for teaching/speaking so you can share with friends, relatives and business associates.  Follow link for additional details and registration information.

 Thurs Jan 14, 2010-LinkedIn Power Formula Training for Beginners

        At M&M Office Interiors; 5:00 PM - 7:00 PM


 Wed Jan 27, 2010- Intermediate LinkedIn Power Formula Training

                                   At M&M Office Interiors; 5:00 PM - 7:00 PM


  Hope to see you out in the "live networking" world or if not the "virtual networking" world!  


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