In my recent LinkedIn user survey, I asked:

"What would you like to learn this year in my weekly emails?"

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There were more than 200 responses to this question, and I will address many of them right here in the upcoming months.

However, quite a few of them can be answered easily by using one of these three resources:

1. My book, The Power Formula for LinkedIn Success, now in its 3rd edition

2. My blog

3. LinkedIn's Help Center

You may have already purchased my book, one of the first two editions or maybe the new 3rd edition. And if you have, thank you! You will find answers to many of screen-shot-2016-09-22-at-3-48-14-pmyour foundational, blocking-and-tackling LinkedIn questions in the book.

Secondly, my blog (over 275 articles for both beginners and advanced users) is completely searchable by entering keyword(s) in the search box. This is the most comprehensive database of LinkedIn strategies available anywhere.

Thirdly, the LinkedIn Help Center (which even I access several times each and every week) is just a few clicks away. The Help Center is filled with answers to many of the technical questions you may have. You won't find a lot of help with LinkedIn strategy, but that's where I come in!

To access the Help Center, place your cursor over your photo on the top toolbar. Then select Help Center. Enter a few keywords in the How Can We Help You box, and you should get a list of all the articles that address your question or concern.

If you are unable to get your answer from one of these articles, open a job ticket, and screen-shot-2016-09-22-at-3-43-54-pmsomeone from LinkedIn will investigate and get back to you. Click the Contact us tab (bottom of page) to get started.

The response will not be quick, but they usually answer. In my experience, it typically takes about 48 hours for them to respond. I'm sorry to say there's no toll-free 800 number to call. Also, I have not found the response time to be shorter if you have a premium account.

I look forward to addressing specific survey responses in the near future. But if you'd like me to help you on a one-on-one basis, feel free to contact me to get more details about the consulting services I provide in person or on the phone.