Hello, Everyone:

LinkedIn is really taking hold in many people's business lives in so many different ways.  As I continue to meet with people, what strikes me is that this info is not shared, and there really is a void in terms of a way for you to hear some of these uses.  So that is one of my goals each week.  Now here come my Week #29 tips.  I hope they hit home for you.

Profile Tips

A great use for one of the three websites available is to have it "hot-link" directly to your website.  There you can have a page where people can sign up for a newsletter or some other sign-up that puts them into whatever customer management system you use.  If you use this, be sure to rename the website to describe where it is they are going to go if they click this link.  You may also want to direct them to this link in your Summary section, which is just below the "top box" (blue section on top of profile).

This is just another way in which we are trying to tie together all of the things we are doing as it relates to the web and social media.

Connection Tips

The research I have done recently on how people are using LinkedIn has revealed some very interesting results that I will share with you in the upcoming weeks.  One that really stands out thus far is that the #1 use of LinkedIn is the people search, which isn't really that surprising.  However, what is surprising is that one of the highest scores of  "I don't know what it is" or "Haven't found a use for this" was saved searches.  I find it so amazing that many people haven't found this rockin' tool that takes a search and automates it on a going-forward basis.  Using this tool is a "piece of cake."  So, all I can think of is that people do not know how to use it.

Simply put, once you find a search that worked well, you click on "Save this Search," which shows up at the top of the screen next to the number of results in your search.  Once you save the search, you tell the program how often you want to receive an email from LinkedIn when anyone in your network (first, second or third degree) gets added to your network with those keywords.  This can be either weekly or monthly.

It is hard to believe it actually tells you when a new person enters your network that "you may want to know"!  Would you like it to make the phone call for you as well?  Just kidding.  Ya gotta use this!  You can save three searches at any one time on the LinkedIn free account.

Wildcard Tip or Question

Here is a great free ebook from Job-hunt.org called "Executive Branding and Your LinkedIn Profile."  Get it at:  http://www.job-hunt.org/guides/Job-Hunt-LinkedInEbook.pdf .  Even though this comes from a website that helps job seekers, it is a good resource for all.

Miscellaneous News and Notes--

Here is my upcoming schedule for teaching/speaking so you can share with friends, relatives and business associates.  Follow the link or copy into your browser for additional details and registration information.

Thurs April 15, 2010      Caffeine & Connections (Free coffee and LinkedIn help)

Gravity Connect, 702 S. 2nd Street, Milwaukee; 6:00am-8:00am


Wed April 21, 2010        Wayne's LinkedIn Power Formula Training for Beginners
M&M Office Interiors; 5:00 pm-7:00pm

Mon May 10, 2010        Wayne's Intermediate LinkedIn Power Formula Training
M&M Office Interiors; 5:00 pm-7:00pm

Hope to see you all at an event very soon.


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