LinkedIn recently officially hit 65 million members.  The actual monthly activity is growing rapidly, and they told the world that this past month they had 7.7 million unique visitors.  This number is hard to put into perspective, but when you compare it to 3.6 million at the same time last year, that will tell you it is exponentially growing in popularity and usage.  I hope your personal network (Click Network Statistics under Contacts on the top tool bar) is continuing its exponential growth as well.  Maybe Week #34 tips will help. Click here for more info http://januviainfo.com/

Profile Tips

There is a fairly new feature which came out  a while ago that I really like, but the sad thing is so far it is just a part of any of the paid accounts.  It is a way to sort profiles in folders and make notes on profiles, which is a super way to start to categorize not only your connections but people you may like to connect with.  It looks pretty cool.  Check it out at: http://www.linkedin.com/static?key=about_profile_organizer&trk=sub_chooser_abtpo

I am holding out and not joining a paid account yet, but this feature looks really helpful; so I am teetering.  Stay tuned.

Connection Tips 

I have always liked the Events application, but many people have not figured out the power of this networking power tool.  So, I thought I would give you more details on this feature in hopes that you will at least check it out. 

You access this application by clicking “More” on the toolbar on the top and going to Applications directory and downloading the Events application.  There are a few quirks in how it works sometimes, including that it was down for almost a week with no notice or explanation, but I still like it a lot, at least for you “power networkers.”  It is a great application for you job-seekers looking for events to attend to get out and meet your next connection that is going to lead you to that next position. 

What will this application do for you?

 It is a great way to publicize your events to your connections automatically and to also promote to the entire LinkedIn network.

Your event is completely searchable by using words and “tags” by all users (Hard to believe this is free!).

You get to keep track of who is going to events by viewing the RSVP function.  This way you can tell if someone you are hoping to meet is going to an event.

If you say you are attending, that event shows up on your profile for all to see, and it shows up on the network updates of all the people in your network…just one more time putting your name, face and headline in front your connections.

You can search events you might want to attend that are industry based or specialize in all of your important disciplines. 

It is great for those of you who are traveling out of town and want to do something productive while there.

Wildcard Tip or Question 

Even the White House is getting involved in LinkedIn with a new group called ”White House.”  Evidently you can follow things like the deficit, taxes and health care from the “official” group.  Join at your own risk!!!

Miscellaneous News and Notes--

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Hope you are finding at least one out of the 60 million to meet this week who meets your important “search” criteria…million cubicles or maybe that job you are looking for?


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