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If you are keeping up and executing many of these tips, I would sure think that you have found some good practical uses for LinkedIn and by now would think it is just one of those important habits you do to help grow your business.  If this isn’t you, why don’t you consider going back and re-reviewing some of the previous weeks’ tips, and it may help you “jump-start” your efforts again.

I hope you find my Week 37 tips to be useful and easily executable.

Profile Tips 

I found a great article from an experienced recruiter, Elizabeth Garazelli, included in the book “How to Find a Job on LinkedIn Facebook Twitter My Space and Other Social Networks” by Brad and Debra Schepp.  I thought I would share a summary of some of the highlights of the article titled “Profile Do’s & Don’ts.”  These tips are targeted for job-seekers, but I think they apply equally to the rest of us as well.

             1.  Include any foreign languages you speak.

             2.  Be sure to check you are open to “Career Opportunities” under your Contact Settings.

             3.  Be sure to load up the keywords in your Specialties section.

             4.  A picture is a must.

             5.  Join professional and alumni groups.

             6.  Don’t put “cutesy” titles in your headline.

             7.  Don’t be vague with your job titles.

             8.  Don’t change your job title to “Consultant” if you are actively looking for assignments.

             9.  Don’t brag about how many connections you have.


Connection Tips 

When you receive a connection request, one of the options you have is “I Don’t Know This User,” and I wanted to let you know that once an individual has received five answers like this, he will have to have the person’s email address before it will let him send out future invitations.  This safeguard is in place because LinkedIn is not designed for people to invite strangers, even though I think there is plenty of that taking place.  So, be sure you know the individual before you send out a connection request.  If you are not sure if he will accept, you may want to try to send an email to him, asking him whether he wants to connect, before you invite him on LinkedIn.

 Wildcard Tip or Question

I found a neat tool to test your “online identity.”  It is sort of fun but also gives you suggestions to help improve your score.  Here is a description from the site and the connection address:

“Today, if you don't show up in Google, you don't exist.  Whether you are applying for a new job, being considered for a board position or trying to get a date, you can count on being Googled. So knowing what Google says about you and proactively managing your personal brand online is critical to success.

“Our Online ID Calculator™ is the first and leading tool that will help you make sense of your Google results and give you advice on how to build a stellar online identity that's aligned with your real-world personal brand.”

Miscellaneous News and Notes--

Consider meeting with a friend this week to do the “Online Identity Calculator” and hold each other accountable to helping each other improve.  Have a great week.


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