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The tools just keep getting better.  This week you will find a couple of really “nichey” (I think I just made that word up) tips and helps, but that is what people who are already in Week 44 start to do and think about.  Have fun.

Profile Tips

This is the first time both the profile tip and the connection tip relate to the same topic.  These tips relate to two sections that are many times overlooked on your profile, and those are “Interests” and “Groups and Associations” (not to be confused with the LinkedIn groups you join independent of this section of your profile).  The main reason that I think these two sections are underutilized could be that it is so far down on the profile that by the time you get to it, you “have had it” with working on your profile and you bail out.  I am here to encourage you to take time this week to really think about these two sections.  Look at them as serious differentiators and a place to load unique keywords by which you can be found.  Let’s talk about these and the type of things that can go into them:

Interests:  This is where you load the extracurricular activities that you want your business network to be aware of, like golf, hunting, bicycling, music, etc.  I have used these entries in other people’s profiles to find golf partners and bicyclists for charity events.  If I want to play golf with someone in the real estate industry, I can search using “golf” and “real estate” together.  When you craft this section of your profile, all of your entries should be separated with commas.  This will be important in the Connection Tip coming up.  These entries are so important in establishing yourself as a “real person” with interests and depth beyond your important business experience and credibility.  As a job seeker, note that potential employers love this stuff but aren’t allowed to ask it, so “load it up.”

Groups and Associations:  Be sure to list all the groups and organizations you are currently affiliated with as well as significant past affiliations.  Every entry you make here differentiates you and adds to your personal credibility.  These groups and associations are searchable terms.  Don’t forget that people love to do business with people who are involved in similar groups and associations. These organizations can be either business (chambers, industry groups) or personal (Rotary clubs, alumni clubs, religious groups).   Many people consider themselves “emotionally aligned” when they participate in like activities, be that as members of the Rotary Club, Mothers Against Drunk Drivers, etc.  When you list your affiliations, be sure to separate them with commas.

Connection Tips

Once you have completed the above profile tips, this connection tip will be a simple one.  When you click one of the entries in the Interests or Groups and Associations sections (they should show up in blue and thus are clickable), LinkedIn does an automatic search.  After this search is performed, you can then refine the search with all the available advanced search criteria.

This is a great tool for finding people who have common interests (golf, hiking, stamp collecting, etc.) and also are involved in the industry you are in or who could be potential customers.  It also works the same way for people who are in the same groups or associations.  You can start by looking for people who are “birds of a feather” and then refine that search into the industries you have targeted.  This search can also be done from someone else’s profile, not just your own.

Wildcard Tip or Question

Take a look at the website http://www.quantcast.com.  This is a great tool to check out the demographics on any website you are interested in knowing about.  Once you know this tool exists, you will start thinking about how this information will help you with your marketing and branding efforts and where to put your marketing dollars.

Miscellaneous News and Notes--

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