By now we are all seeing that social media is getting headlines everywhere, and many more people are “getting on board.” I consider you to be a part of the group of people that I know were “early adopters.” This should definitely give you a “leg up” on your competitors. If you didn’t notice, I just gave you a bit of “gobbledygook.” Read on in the tips for Week 46 to see what I mean by that.

Profile Tips

I was reading a book recently (which I highly recommend) by David Meerman Scott called “The New Rules of Marketing & PR.” In it he talked about a blog post of his called “The Gobbledygook Manifesto.” You can get a copy of this at:


The premise of this document is that we all use too many words that are overused and cliché, words like “flexible,” “scalable,” “groundbreaking,” “industry standard” or “cutting edge.” You know the kind of words I am talking about. His premise is that when we use these words, we lose our audience and we lose our effectiveness in communicating our message. I totally agree and have seen the Summary section of some people’s profiles loaded with these kinds of words. I fear that many of us are doing just that, “losing our audience.” So do yourself a favor and review the 2000 characters that you have used in your Summary to make sure that the message you are communicating is crisp, clear, and to the point.

Connection Tips

As I have mentioned before, you are allowed up to 50 groups, and I always recommend you join 50 of them. I have outlined the different types of groups you can join in an earlier email; so I am not going to go over that again. What I want to remind you of this week is to periodically do a keyword search in the Groups section of LinkedIn for new industry-related groups that may have been formed recently which you should be a part of. To make room for these new groups, you should eliminate groups that you haven’t seen any benefits from or been able to contribute to.

Wildcard Tip or Question

I found a great blog post from Tanya Hall for people who want to be “headhunted” - in other words, found by recruiters. That might be more of you than just those in “official” job-seeking status. This is good stuff:

http://www.gaj-it.com/14804/top-ten-tips-to-get-headhunted-on -linkedin/.

Miscellaneous News and Notes

Some of the other resources I provide are:

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Make sure you are reaching out to your connections this week and giving them a hand in any way you can. This will pay dividends down the road.


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