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I want to start by thanking all of you who took the time to share your thoughts for the 2010 Midyear LinkedIn User Survey.  I am very encouraged by the number of you who responded to the survey.  Participation was up 50% from the January survey. 

The next two weeks e-mail will highlight the most significant results from the survey, and, as in the past and back by popular demand, I will include the “My Two Cents” comment section.  This section will attempt to take the data and share practical applications that might help you to more effectively use LinkedIn.  After all, over 50% of the respondents stated that knowing the ways others are using LinkedIn can help them to improve their own use of the site.  So, let’s not waste any more time and get to the results.

  • How many 1st degree connections?

      0-50          19%

   51-100          25%

 101-200          29%

 201-300          10%

 301-499            9%

     500+            8%

My Two Cents – I am not surprised to see that the numbers are creeping up over time.  I am still a fan of keeping your network close to you until you have had time and experience to really figure out a strategy to go past those individuals whom you would consider to be “trusted professionals.” 

As I have mentioned in the past, many networking books/bloggers are pretty consistent in saying that we all should have at least 200 to 250 first-level connections.  With that amount of first-level connections, you will have a multi-level network on LinkedIn of 1.5 to 2 million people.  That is one heck of a group of business professionals for you to search through to help you try to accomplish your business goals.

  • Profile 100% complete as defined by LinkedIn – 41%

 My Two Cents – Just a reminder to those of you who are part of the 59%:  LinkedIn’s research says you will be 40 times more effective if you have your profile 100% complete.  It is hard to believe anyone would want to spend time on something and not have the highest probability of success.  If you are part of the 59%, let me ask you one more time:  What are you waiting for?

  • Weekly hours spent on LinkedIn 

 61%      0-2 hours

22%      3-4 hours

10%      5-6 hours

  1%      7-8 hours

  6%       8+ hours

My Two Cents – The top answer has consistently been under two hours for all the surveys I have conducted over the past two years.  It has always been my hope that all of you are able to find a way to multitask and use LinkedIn while watching your favorite television show or sporting event.  I am actually glad that this number is not creeping up.  We don’t want to spend too much time in front of the computer screen or on our PDAs.  I think some of it may also be that many of us are getting better at knowing which functions on LinkedIn are most beneficial and spending our time on those as opposed to things that are just “chatter” or busywork.  We sure don’t need any more of the latter.

  • Top 10 most used and helpful LinkedIn features

 78%      People searching

74%      Groups

63%      Company searching

62%      People You May Know

46%      Who’s Viewed My Profile

41%      Review of network updates (home page)

34%      Reviewing who is in your first-degree connections network

33%      Status box

26%      Events

25%      Introduction function

My Two Cents – It is very important for you to compare what you are finding useful with what your peers are saying is working for them.  If you see a LinkedIn function that you are rarely using but that is consistently being used by your peers, you may want to consider how that function can work for you as well. 

Groups is continuing to be a strong application, but I will keep an eye on this, since I am finding the new revisions to be rather annoying and hard to follow.  Are you wondering how I feel about this change?  I sure hope it is not just because I am in my 50’s and change is a really nasty word.  Stay tuned.

I am a bit surprised that the status box score is only 33%.  I compared that number with prior surveys and found that the percentage has been dropping over the years.  I am attributing that drop to the fairly annoying, poorly understood and many times overused Twitter interface and the fact that people might be doing more advertising and promoting of their products/services and less helping of people in their networks, which is what the function is designed for.  Also, the latest revision really has the feeling of a Facebook wall, and there is more information and websites with pictures, et cetera, and so it is becoming information overload instead of a quick hit of info. 

  • Least used and least helpful LinkedIn features

 3%    Polling

6%    Company Buzz

6%    SlideShare

8%    Saved searches

9%    Twitter interface

My Two Cents – I can’t believe that only 8% of the people I polled see the advantage to having a virtual assistant looking for connections that meet the criteria they have defined as important to them.  I am describing saved searches, which to me is one of the neatest things on LinkedIn.  Oh, well.  Maybe I and this 8% of my friends will have to form our own support group on LinkedIn to talk about just how cool we are and how most people just don’t get it.

In spite of only 6% agreeing with me, I stick with my opinion that SlideShare and Google Presentations are still two of the best profile applications because they allow you to display the credibility and expertise that differentiate you in the marketplace.


See you next week for the rest of the story.......

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