The last two times I collaborated with Cheryl Snapp Conner, a Forbes and Inc. Magazine contributor and creator of Content University, the articles received nearly 600k and 400k views. Last week she asked me, "What are the biggest mistakes people are still making on LinkedIn?"

Tired freelancer working with a laptopI shared with her the LinkedIn mistakes I see all too frequently as I work with people through my LinkedIn consulting and speaking business.

You won't want to miss her outstanding Inc. Magazine article Are You Guilty of These 7 LinkedIn Mistakes?  In a very direct but humorous way, she addresses these seven mistakes you never want to make:

1. Forgetting to de-select the "Notify your network" alternative.

2. Fudging the facts on your profile; then attempting to keep it a secret by blocking your boss.

3. Leaving UFOs (Unintentionally Funny Occurrences) in your profile.

4. You forget that a LinkedIn DM to multiple recipients is, essentially, a group text.

5. Under Jobs>Preferences>Let recruiters know you're open to new opportunities, you check "Yes" without thinking.

6. You fail to list your most important current job first.

7. You forget to include your business email and phone number in the Advice for Contacting space.

Failing to read Cheryl's article could result in embarrassment, lost business, or possibly even a pink slip when your boss finds out you're looking for a new job. Read the full article here.