This week I'm going to address another one of those frequently asked questions: How many characters can I use in my headline? Summary section? Job titles?

And in typical Wayne fashion, I'm not going to stop with the raw numbers. Rather, I'll comment on the most important character limits and why you may want to use all the characters LinkedIn allows.

(Note: All numbers in parentheses represent the maximum characters allowed.)

Individual Profile

Headline (120)  This is the most important real estate on your profile. Include the keywords people typically use when searching for someone in your space. Tell your story. Impress your target audience. As of this writing, you may be able to increase your headline to 220 characters if you enter it via the LinkedIn mobile app.

Summary (2,000)  It’s like a cover letter—or your 30-second elevator pitch. Here’s how I can help you. Tell your story. And don’t forget to include your most important keywords.

Website descriptions (30)  Be sure to use all three slots and describe them accordingly.

Experience Title (100)  Go beyond your standard biz card title. Be creative with keywords.

Experience description (2,000)  You can mention your past experience, but focus more on demonstrating your capabilities. Describe not only what you are doing but also what you can do to help customers/clients. Include keywords, of course.

Education/degree (100)  Rather than simply putting BBA, MBA, etc., add descriptive phrases that might help people discover your profile when they do a search; for example, BBA with an international accounting emphasis or BBA with a minor in Spanish.

Education/Fields of Study (100)  Highlight classes you took that relate to what you are doing in your current position or the position you are seeking.

Education/Activities and Societies (500)  Be descriptive. If you were the president of Beta Alpha Psi, the viewer of your profile will recognize your leadership ability. If you were the captain of the field hockey team, a kindred spirit may reach out to you.

Recommendations (3,000)  Your two most recent recommendations are prominently displayed. Encourage people who write your recommendations to share specific details about you so viewers of your profile will be inclined to do business with you.

Organizations (1,000)  This is a good place to share organizations that may or may not have their own official LinkedIn group.

Honors & Awards (1,000)  If you don’t toot your own horn, nobody will. Be proud. These entries are important differentiators and build credibility.

Skills (80)  You can list up to 50 skills, and you have 80 characters to describe each skill. So don’t shortchange yourself. This is great for SEO of your profile.

Phone number (25)  If you choose to list your phone number, only your first-level connections will be able to see it.

Address (1,000)  If you include your address, it will only be visible to your first-level connections.

Other Limits

Invitation-to-connect message (300)  You'll have to be creative to stay within this limit when you compose your customized invitations.

Direct message to first-level connections (1,900)  This is a very generous limit. Take full advantage of it, as well as your opportunity to include hyperlinks and attachments, when messaging your connections.

Direct, first-level connections (30,000)  Believe it or not, some people actually reach their limit.

Outbound invitations (5,000)  You can request more, and LinkedIn seems to give them out pretty freely at 100 per request.

Company name (100)  If your company name is less than 100 characters, I suggest adding a few of your most important keywords here.

Company About Us (2,000)  Use all of these characters to fully tell your company’s story, and don’t forget to include keywords, too. It’s a good idea to also include your company’s phone number and e-mail address.

Maximum number of groups (100)  You know the drill here. The more groups you're in, the more people who can find you, look airport runway hotel. There are over three million groups. I'm sure you can find 100.

Status updates per day (no limit)  I suggest doing a couple each day.

Status updates (1,300)  You can use all 1,300 characters when sharing a status update. However, only 280 will transfer over to Twitter.

A robust network, fully optimized profile, and regular communication with your network will project trustworthiness and inspire confidence. This will increase engagement and ultimately lead to improved business and career success. So take full advantage of all the characters LinkedIn allows, and you'll be on your way to reaching (and exceeding) your goals.