Do you know that in five minutes LinkedIn can help you fill a virtual room with your perfect prospects?
And once you find them, their LinkedIn profiles will help you figure out the best way to meet them.
Follow these simple steps, and you'll quickly have a highly targeted prospect list.
Let's say I want to find the current managers of purchasing, procurement, etc. at three of the largest manufacturers in Milwaukee: Generac, Rockwell Automation, and SC Johnson.
1.  Click Advanced next to the large white search box on your top toolbar.
2.  On the top left, choose People from the list of search options.

3.  Leave all the boxes checked in the Relationship criteria list, but also be sure to click 3rd + Everyone Else.
4.  Enter manager + (purchasing OR procurement OR "supply chain" OR buyer) in the Title box, and select Current in the following box.
5.  Type generac OR rockwell OR "sc johnson" in the Company box, and select Current in the following box.
6.  Select a range of 50 miles from postal code 53202.
7.  Click the blue Search button.
You'll then see on your screen a list of your perfect
prospects, and you can:

  • Check out their full profiles and see who in your network can introduce you to them..
  • Look for conversation starters; e.g., similar interests, previous employers, schools attended, LinkedIn groups, community service involvement, etc.
  • Send a direct LinkedIn message if you and your prospect are both members of the same LinkedIn group. If you have no similar groups, consider joining one of your prospect's groups so you can send a free direct message..
No more cold calling and saying, "May I speak with the purchasing manager, please." At a minimum, you'll have the name of your prospect. But if you use your LinkedIn resources well, you'll have a wealth of information about your prospect and perhaps even a personal introduction.
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