I asked for LinkedIn success stories and, boy, did I get them! 192 stories, to be exact.

In response to my 2014 LinkedIn User Survey, participants shared how they're getting measurable LinkedIn ROI and growing their bottom line.

And because I want all my readers to have a banner year, I am not only sharing some of these success stories but also providing links to resources that will help you utilize the same money-making strategies.

LinkedIn Success Stories

I prepared a profile for a colleague and it resulted in a six-figure sale for him from a former employee he'd lost contact with who found him on LinkedIn.

In 2013, I generated 42% of my leads via LinkedIn.

Using the search functionality from the first blog of yours that I read, I was able to find out which of my first level connections were connected to prospective clients. I have leveraged that into scheduling three meetings with prospects in the past three weeks.

I reconnected with a person on my tennis team that led to a six-figure client relationship.

I have many small companies that I research their buyer personas and search, link, and set appointments for the CEO to either talk to or meet with the prospect. We save the searches and tag the prospect by month and create a prospect database for our clients.

The best success for me on LinkedIn is the personal introductions from a first level connection to someone they know that I would like to be connected with. I have experienced multiple successes using this technique.

Over the past six years I have started and developed a group on LinkedIn that now has over 13,000 members. It has created multiple business opportunities for me.

Several years ago, I reconnected with one of my students on LinkedIn. We followed up with a phone call and caught up. During the course of our conversation he mentioned an upcoming project I might be perfect for. As a result, I submitted an estimate and picked up a project with a $20,000 budget.

LinkedIn has provided our company a wonderful tool to get more information on contacts and prospects prior to making cold calls. It increases familiarity and comfort.

For the first time I posted a link to an article I wrote and was impressed with the reaction I received from a host of people.

I have found new clients solely by responding to people who send me invitations to connect or those who view my profile.

It wouldn't be a gross exaggeration to say that, without LinkedIn, I might be out of business.

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