Last week I shared general LinkedIn success stories. This week’s success stories come from job seekers. And once again, I’ve included links to resources that will help you utilize the same proven strategies.

Job Seeker Success

LinkedIn has provided the initial contacts for me to get two very good jobs in the last 5 years.

Before an interview, I got the names of the people I was going to meet at the company and LinkedIn provided me with really good information about these people before I even met them. That made it possible for me to ask relevant questions and maybe that’s what got me the job in the end. 🙂

I have found by linking with C-Level executives, they reach out to me, or others like me, to fill positions within their organizations.

The company I recently worked for closed Jan. 30, 2014, with no warning. I got on LinkedIn with a small announcement that I was looking for work and also added that to my profile headline. I started looking through my contacts for who’s connected to whom. At the top of the screen a name came up as being a second connection and that the person was in RF electronics (something I’m interested in learning about). I sent an invite to connect, he accepted, and emailed me later that he read my profile and needed someone with my skills. Five days after the company I was working at closed, I started my new and very exciting job.

I am currently applying with a company, and I think the fact that I found the CEO of the company and contacted him through LinkedIn has helped me to get an upcoming interview with the COO of this company.

Last year I was job hunting and found that I did not get called for an interview unless I found someone at the company who could put in a good word for me. I use the LinkedIn feature that shows me how I’m connected to the recruiter who posted the job.

Recruiters are finding me now and actively recruiting me. (It’s nice to be wanted!)

Need More Help Using LinkedIn to Find a Great Job?

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