From the questions I'm asked on podcasts and radio shows, as well as the more than 600 personal LinkedIn consultations I've done, it's been easy to identify the LinkedIn mistakes people are making over and over again.

On a recent webinar for Patina Nation, a leading community for experienced independent executives, I outlined these common LinkedIn mistakes and simple solutions for them. You can watch this free, 40-minute webinar by clicking this image or clicking here.

I also indexed the mistakes by the webinar time marker (xx:xx) so you can go right to the section that addresses the mistakes you're making. You'll also find three can't miss LinkedIn resources on the webinar landing page.

At the end of the webinar and the end of this post, you'll also find a special offer for your own LinkedIn profile critique and strategy session.

10 Common LinkedIn Mistakes You Could Be Making

LinkedIn Profile

1.  Your profile doesn't make it clear what you're trying to accomplish and what types of people you're trying to meet (8:56)

2.  Your profile is not keyword optimized (11:10)

3.  Your profile is missing one or more clear calls to action (14:15)

LinkedIn Network

4.  Your network doesn't include enough people in your target audience (15:18)

5.  You don't know how to effectively search for and connect with people in your target audience (16:12)

6.  You don't have a nurturing plan for your existing network (16:30)

LinkedIn Activities

7.  You're not posting your own updates at least once a week (20:32)

8.  You're not diligent about interacting with people who engage with your updates (22:04)

9.  You don't capitalize on inbound invitations and your Who's Viewed Your Profile section (23:16)

10. You don't have a consistent weekly LinkedIn routine (26:20)

If you're able to review this list and confidently say you're not guilty of any of these mistakes, then my guess is you're getting identifiable results from your LinkedIn efforts.

If you're making these mistakes, why not put a plan in place to fix your mistakes as soon as possible so LinkedIn can help you make 2020 your best year ever.

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