"LinkedIn is 277% More Effective for Lead Generation Than Facebook & Twitter"
-Hubspot Survey (Feb 2012)
I bet you are dying to know which features make it so effective. batman and robinCheck back next week for a complete checklist of all the great lead generation features available on LinkedIn, but this week I want to give you the best of the best by sharing the dynamic duo of lead generation features on LinkedIn. And just like the original comic book dynamic duo of Batman and Robin, they are great on their own, but together they are much more effective. 
So drive out of the Bat Cave, and come meet LinkedIn's lead generation dynamic duo: Advanced People Search and Saved Search.
Simply put, using these two features together will automatically serve you up an email list of new people who meet your defined criteria of a target. I use the word "target" very positively and with a variety of possibilities, like customers, vendors, donors, employees, strategic partners, and experts. The list could go on and on.  


Here are the steps to get the dynamic duo working on your case: 

1.  Click the word "Advanced" on the far right side of LinkedIn's top toolbar.

2.  Using the available criteria boxes, enter the keywords, job titles, company names, geographic areas, etc. that your target person would use on his/her profile to describe himself/herself. 

3.  Review the list of individuals your search uncovers, making sure these do look like people you would like to meet, and see which of your connections already know these individuals. 

4.  Click the word "Save" on the top right of this list of search results.

5.  Decide what you want to name this target list and how often you want LinkedIn to notify you of new results.

From that point forward, LinkedIn will deliver to you, without any further work on your part, an updated list of your best and most qualified leads and, maybe more importantly, just which of your connections might be able to make that all-important introduction to those potential customers.

For additional help in using LinkedIn's Advanced People Search feature, be sure to check out my free downloadable resource "LinkedIn People Searching-Your Ticket to Improved ROI."