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Introduction to How to Use Video in your LinkedIn efforts

Best Ways to Use Video to Increase LinkedIn Effectiveness


Everyone loves video. Most of my LOL (laugh out loud, for those of us Baby Boomers) moments these days come from watching videos on the Internet. If you haven't seen the video trailer for my book, check it out. It's sure to give you a chuckle.


Since video is so hot these days, let me share with you the many ways to use it on LinkedIn to display your expertise and enhance your branding message.

Individual LinkedIn Profile

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SlideShare (Best Option) 
Box. net files
Creative Portfolio Display

Links to Video:
Website links

Using video to tell your personal/professional story (better yet -- having other people's videos telling your story) is a powerful way to make an impression on the reader of your profile. A reference in your Summary section to the location of your videos is very helpful. For example: "Be sure to check out Mr. Jones, president of ABC Company, sharing the impressive results his company has achieved by using our latest product."

More great ways to use video on your individual LinkedIn profile: 
  • An introduction video featuring you
  • A video resume
  • On-the-job video of you, your staff or crew
  • Video of a customer "gobbing" about your staff and the results of your work
  • Product demonstration video
  • Facility or factory tour video
  • A video of your presentation at a conference or trade show   
Company Page

Products and services overview
Each individual product and service

In the Company Page section the videos are given their own video box (the kind you see everywhere on the web), so they are much more noticeable, and the probability of someone clicking to watch is much higher. 

Most of the video ideas listed above are also great on your company page, and here are a few other possibilities:
  • A welcome video from the president on the overview page
  • A "how to use" product video
  • A video comparing your product to your competitors' products
  • A video demonstrating the different ways to contact your company


Individual and Company Status Updates


When you include a link in your status updates, your comments, thoughts, and ideas become much more eye catching, and it increases the probability of people reading, clicking, and viewing.  


Check out my individual LinkedIn profile for examples of how I used video in SlideShare and files applications. Take a look at the Products & Services and company status updates on my company page to see more ways you can effectively use video.