store shelves
Are potential customers coming to your place of business and finding nothing stocked on your shelves?
The place of business I am referring to is your LinkedIn company page, and if you haven't taken advantage of the Products & Services tab, you may look like you are out of business.

Whether you're a business the size of Hewlett Packard, a nonprofit organization like Make A Difference-Wisconsin (I serve on their board), a sole proprietorship or small business like mine (Power Formula LLC), you should take advantage of the opportunity to display your wares.

Here are some important Do's & Don'ts to consider when stocking your shelves.
  • Include a link to your website or another purchasing site. Consider setting up a trackable custom URL for this link using, etc.
  • Include a YouTube video link (think customer testimonial or product demo).
  • Consider an entry for nonconventional products and services, like signing up for your email list, receiving a white paper, or asking for a quote.
  • Make it a priority to get lots of recommendations.  HP has one product with over 1,000 recommendations. I would call that a whole lot of social proof.
  •  Include your most important keywords when describing the products and services. 
  •  Spend some time checking out your competitors' pages to see what you may have missed.
  • Consider a special promotional price or feature. This helps you track what is working.
  • Include a picture and video for each item.
  • Include every individual product and service you offer. Put them in categories so you have no more than 20 entries. HP has 19.
  • Create brand confusion by having too many people with different styles providing the content for your company page.
  • Allow your credibility to be tarnished by failing to check for grammar and spelling errors.
Need more help? 
This short video is packed with tips for putting together your products and services page. Further information is included in this helpful guide from LinkedIn. 


How to Add Products and Services to your LinkedIn Company Page
How to Add Products and Services to your LinkedIn Company Page