Your LinkedIn profile is 100% complete. You've joined a bunch of groups. You figure you have more connections than you know what to do with. So why isn't anything happening?

Well, you probably need to move beyond the basics (the "blocking and tackling") in order to see significant results.

football playerHere are three proven LinkedIn tactics to grow your business or organization.

1.  Improve on your profile by including specific calls to action (CTAs)
It would be great if everyone who visited your profile would pick up the phone and call you, and some may do just that. But, realistically, a visit to your profile is typically a first step on a path that will hopefully result in the person's reaching out and contacting you. Your job is to fill the path with great information that shows your unique expertise as well as helpful tools and resources to lead them to that all important contact.  

For more information, check out "Best Ways to Use Calls to Action in Your LinkedIn Profile."

2.  Share at least one individual status update per day
I typically ask my audiences if they've shared a status update in the last week. Amazingly, I would say only about 5% of the people share on a weekly basis. And I suggest daily status updates! This is really a missed marketing opportunity. Your network knows you, cares about you, and many of them are current or potential customers. Your job is to stay top of mind with your network by consistently sharing helpful information -- and then slip in an occasional marketing message. 

I bet your competitors are taking advantage of this free marketing opportunity -- and they are probably connected to some of your customers! So what are you waiting for?

If you're not sure what you should be sharing, check out "The Five W's of LinkedIn Individual Status Updates."

3.  Send a direct message to very targeted individuals who fit your buyer persona 
This can be a very effective tactic, but you need to use caution. If you do this incorrectly, you may damage not only your LinkedIn brand but your overall business brand as well. When you direct message someone, be sure to share or offer something of value. Don't just try to sell them something. Take off your sales hat, put on your helper/teacher hat, and remember -- nobody likes to be spammed. 

Here are some resources to help you identify potential targets.

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These three tactics are great ways to grow your organization. What other tactics have worked for you?