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Have you gotten to at least 100 connections yet? (If you answered yes, skip this rant, and go to the next paragraph, if no continue) What? How can that be? You must not have spent the only two to four hours to use the tools we talked about at the training and the previous weeks tips. Everyone has at least that many trusted connections unless you have lived in a "cave" your whole career. Time is a wastin, I am starting to hear lots of success stories about how people are finding and being found through the use of Linkedin, I'm waiting for yours but with only 30 connections it probaly won't happen. For those of you who answered yes have you begun to using the search function apart of your routine to find the right people you want to get in front of, or checking out the profile of the people you are going to get in front of? I can hear you "STOP IT WAYNE!, get on with this week's tips: Alright here they are, week 6-

Profile Tips-- A big mistake people make with their Linkedin Profile is making it exactly like their resume-backswards-oriented. That is, only showing what you've done in the past. With your Linkedin Profile, be sure it also reflects what you're doing now and what you want to do. For example, if you're a start up investor looking for funding or investors, be sure everything that a potential investor is looking for in a company is in your profile. Or if you're looking for a job, be sure that everything a potential employer is looking for in a job candidate is in your profile. Like we talked about at training, don't hesitate to do "alittle braggin", and if you can't have someone else who knows you well get you started on what it is you are the best at.

Connection Tips-- Did you notice, (If you downloaded the Outlook Toolbar...shame on you if you haven't done this by now) that you can invite people right from someone's email by clicking on the "In" logo in the upper right hand of the window, just above the email itself. You don't even have to login to Linkedin! Think about doing this everytime you are done with an email and are ready to either file it else where or delete it.

Wildcard Tip or Question-- Here are some guidelines for making your recommendations stand out -Be specific (Don't just say they are great-talk about specific strengths and skills) -Talk about results (Tell what the person actually did and the impact it had on you and your business) -Tell how you know the person (If you have known them for 10 years say so, if they are your cousin say so) -Reinforce the person's major skills or goals (Look at their profile and convey that recommendation, if possible) -Don't gush (If you think they are great, fantastic, exceptional, extraordinary, or the best, say so but don't go on and on) -Be concise (Make it as long as it needs to be to say what you have to say, and no longer; don't use the 3000 character limit available) Oh yeah and should I remind you that you can control how to have a great Monday morning......Write a few recommendations on Sunday and all will be "well with the world" to start your week of when somebody gives you a great big, THANK YOU. I think you will be extra confident when you make that first sales call of the week. Click here on useful resource for codependent relationship intensive.

Miscellaneous News and Notes-- Here is my upcoming schedule for teaching/speaking so you can share with other friends, relatives and business associates, JobSeeker events are noted accordingly, you can contact the venue directly for more information and registration other than the events noted as "Open" which in that case they can contact me directly Linkedin Speed Training Mon Sept 21-Linkedin Speed Training; Oakwood Church; Hartland; 7-9pm Tues Sept 22-Metropolitan Builders Association; MBA Offices 8:00am-10am Tues Sept 22-Mequon Thiensville Rotary; Ozaukee Country Club; noon Wed Sept 23-SBDC Social Media Event; Wash County Public Agcy Center; West Bend 6:30pm Thurs Sept 24-WICPA Fall Ind. Conf.; Country Springs Hotel; Final workshop 4:15pm-5:15pm Wed Oct 7-Link/Tweet/Blog Marketing Seminar (Repeat) Location TBD Wauk Chamb 8-11am Thurs Oct 8-Open Linkedin Speed Training at M&M Office Interiors 7:30am-9am Tues Oct 13-UW-Oshkosh Student Session 4-5:30pm; Alumni Session 6:30-8pm Fri Oct 23-UW-Whitewater Finance & Bus Law Alumni "How to Use Linkedin" 10:30am-noon Mon Oct 26-Open Linkedin Speed Training at M&M Office Interiors 7:30-9:00am Fri Nov 20-SBDC & South Shore Econ Adv Center; Tri City Bank, South Milw 7:30-9:30am Leveraging Your Linkedin Network-Advanced Linkedin Speed Training Thurs Oct 15-West Suburban Chamber, their office 8:00am-9:30am Mon Nov 16-Metropolitan Builders Association-their office 8:00am-9:30am Mon Nov 16-Lake Country Chamber & WCTC-at WCTC 5:00pm-8:30pm Have a great week connecting!

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