Are you looking for more exposure for you and your company?

If your answer is "No, not really," then skip the rest of this and go to the fridge, grab some Thanksgiving leftovers, and give your full attention to the football game.

If your answer is "Yes, of course," then read on and learn how to increase your exposure by adding video to your LinkedIn profile.

Step 1:  Choose a video. Here are some ideas of the types of videos that can be very effective on your LinkedIn profile:

  • A simple video of you introducing yourself and/or your company
  • On-the-job video of you, your staff or crew
  • Video of a customer recommending your staff and the results of your work
  • Product demonstration video
  • Facility or factory tour video
  • A video of your presentation at a conference or trade show
  • A video resume if you're in job-seeking mode


Step 2:  Upload your video to YouTube.   

Step 3:  Prepare a one-slide PowerPoint presentation.  If you want your video to start automatically whenever someone views your profile, then simply upload a blank slide. Some people are annoyed by a video that starts automatically; others think it's pretty cool.

If you want the viewer to click a button to start the video, then you'll need to upload an introductory slide. I have chosen the manual option, and here is my introductory slide:

slide share first page

Step 4: Go to and open a free account.  Upload your PowerPoint by clicking the "Upload" button. After your slide uploads, scroll over the person icon on the top right and select "My Uploads." To the right of your presentation, select "Add video."

Then put your YouTube video URL in the "YouTube Video URL" box. Next, select your position, either "Before Slide 1" (automatic start option) or "After Slide 1" (manual start option). Then select "View Presentation" to check whether it's working properly.

Step 5: Add the SlideShare Application to your LinkedIn profile.  Under "More" on the top toolbar, select "Get More Applications." Find the SlideShare option and follow the easy steps to link your SlideShare account to your LinkedIn profile.

To learn more ways to use video on LinkedIn, read  "Best Ways to Use Video to Increase Your LinkedIn Effectiveness."

If you don't have a video yet or think video just isn't your thing, read "A LinkedIn and SlideShare Success Story" to learn about other great ways to use the SlideShare application to spice up your profile and engage people who view your profile.