How would you like to listen into LinkedIn conversations taking place all over the world, conversations about things like:


  • Your products and services
  • Your company
  • Your clients
  • Your potential clients
  • Your competitors
  • Your industry
  • Your industry's experts
  • Your hobbies
  • Your favorite personalities
  • Your employees
  • Even........You!
Then window to the world LinkedIn's Signal (I affectionately call it "Your LinkedIn Window to the World") is for you. 
This feature has been available for nearly two years, but few people are aware of it and its immense potential.  
You can use it to search through status updates of everyone on LinkedIn -- not just your first-level network. How cool is that!
You access Signal by clicking "News" on the top toolbar and then selecting "Signal."

Get started by typing a word or phrase in the search box on the top left. Then hit "Enter," and the page will refresh and show you every one of LinkedIn's 187 million users who has used that word or phrase in any of their status updates in the last two weeks. 

You can further refine your search by level of network, company, location, industry, time, school, group, topics, seniority, or update type. 

You can also comment on updates, which means you can communicate with people who are not even connected to you. This has produced thousands of dollars of revenue for me in my LinkedIn consulting and training business. I am pretty sure it can do the same for you. 
When you discover some great searches, take advantage of the "save" feature in the upper right-hand corner. Then they will be waiting for you the next time you want to take a new peek into "your LinkedIn window to the world."
Let me know how you are using this fantastic feature, and I will share that information in one of my future emails.