Does your new LinkedIn profile display your worldwide brand clearly and in a way that people would choose you over others of similar education, experience, and background?

If you cannot confidently say yes, then read on. This is Part 3 of my series on the new profile features and changes to the LinkedIn site. Be sure to check out Part 1 (Top Box) and Part 2 (Your Professional Gallery) for more great suggestions.

Note: When you are in "Edit Profile" mode, the up-down arrow (1) allows you to move that section to a different position in your profile. Moving a section closer to the top of your profile will indicate greater importance and improve the likelihood that people will see it.

Summary Section

To add videos, articles, slide shows, etc. to your Summary section, click the (2) icon and upload your media. Your media files will then be displayed in what LinkedIn now calls your Professional Gallery. Including media in your Professional Gallery will increase your credibility and differentiate you from your competitors.

For a more in-depth explanation of the Professional Gallery, see last week's blog post.

Job Experience Section

In addition to the name of your employer, the company's logo is now displayed (3). In your Job Experience section, list all jobs you have held. The company logo will appear next to each job entry, and this is a very visual way for people to quickly see the kinds of companies you have worked for.

To learn more about maximizing this important section, check out "Experience Section: Use Your Past Experience to Ensure Your Future Success."

Additional Sections

These sections are now much easier to access. Add any that are appropriate in your circumstances, describe them well, and add a link to a website if possible. Including information about your expertise and unique knowledge will greatly enhance your credibility. The graphic to the right displays all the available optional sections.


In addition to the basic descriptions of your education, you can now include videos, presentations, slide shows, etc. in this section to provide tangible evidence of your expertise. Think outside the box about what you might include here, like industry specific educational events, personal development workshops, etc.


Add several hobbies and interests that show a bit of your personal side (but remember--it's not Facebook!). Any information included here will appear in a new section titled In Common With... In this new section you can move your cursor over the circles and see what you have in common with a particular person.

Advice for Contacting

Previously LinkedIn provided a standardized list of contact preferences. This has been replaced with a new section titled Advice for Contacting. Make it easy for people to contact you by sharing your preferred method of contact (email, phone, etc.)

I hope this overview has sparked some new ideas of ways you can improve your profile. Check out Part 1 (Top Box) and Part 2 (Your Professional Gallery) to learn more ways to spruce up your profile and ensure a prosperous new year.