This is the fifth and final installment of our strategic 
money tour of your new and improved LinkedIn profile. I affectionately refer to the final two new features as THE MONEY!  
Searching Your Connection's Database


In my opinion, researching people and relationships and then using that knowledge to "warm up" cold calls is one of the best ways to use LinkedIn. This new feature takes that process to a whole new level.


Simply put, you can now do an Advanced People Search (with all the available sorting filters) of any first-level connection's database. So  searching connections screen shot before you have that lunch, phone call, golf outing, fishing trip, etc. with someone in your network, search their network. Then discuss with them how their friends might become your friends. 
Here's how it works:
Go to your connection's profile.


Scroll down to the Connections box. (If you don't see this, they have chosen to hide their connections from view)


Click the magnifying glass, type in a keyword (1)and hit the Return key. This produces a list of everyone in your friend's first-level network who has that keyword anywhere in his/her profile.


Click "advanced search" (2), and you will be redirected to the Advanced Search screen, where you can use all the regular search filters. You can also re-sort and save. Read "Need Leads: LinkedIn to the Rescue" for details about Advanced People Searching and Saved Searches.  


If you aren't salivating over this one, you better read it again. Better yet--try it. I know you'll love it.


In Common With...


In this new section LinkedIn has really taken "breaking the ice" to the next level. Simply scroll over any of the in-common circles, and you can instantly see what you have in common with someone--and they don't even have to be a first-level connection. in common with 


I have already used this with success. When discussing with an event organizer the possiblity of being a keynote speaker at a national conference, I saw he is a scuba diver. We quickly hit it off on a personal level once we started talking about our diving trips. 


I am not sure that diving with the sharks in the Bahamas will secure the gig, but I know I was able to quickly build a relationship with a total stranger, and that may lead to income some day. And it helps make business a lot more fun!
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