Congratulations! You have one of the top [insert one of these four numbers: 1%, 5%, 10% or 20%] most viewed LinkedIn profiles for 2012.


Lots of people got this email from LinkedIn in the past week. Yep, I got one, and here are some of the many emails I received from people in my network:

Wow, could this be true?

Is this a scam?

I am so proud. Thanks for all your help in achieving this great honor.

If this is true, why haven't I gotten a bunch of business from LinkedIn?

I didn't get a letter. Why not?

My letter said 10%, and I know I have more connections than others who got a 5% letter.

With all these views, you'd think someone would have offered me a job by now!

What Does This Really Mean?
First of all, thank you to all who attributed your recognition to my teaching, my tips, and/or my book. I am honored that you consider me your go-to resource for everything LinkedIn.  
I think this was a brilliant marketing message designed by LinkedIn to help us all feel better about the time we are spending on their site. Bravo to whomever came up with this idea. Give that person a raise!
I took a look at the profiles and activity of a few people who received the notice. If some of those people are in the top 10 or 20 percent, I am guessing there are a lot more people doing absolutely nothing on the site than I would have thought. I didn't share this thought to burst your bubble but to encourage you and say you're probably way ahead of the curve--and that's a good thing--but don't get too comfortable just because you're near the top of the heap.
Why Are People Looking at Your Profile?
There is a direct correlation between how active you are on LinkedIn and the number of times your profile is viewed, and LinkedIn has always given preference to people who are more active on the site. It is part of their search algorithm. But not only is it important to be active on LinkedIn. It's the right activity that will produce results.  
How to Increase Your Activity
Here are some activities that will increase your views and, more importantly, your results: 
Get more connections
Join more groups
Increase the frequency and quality of your status updates (individual and company updates)
"Like," comment on, and "share" other people's individual updates and company status updates
Be involved in group discussions
View people's profiles
Recommend and endorse people
Make your individual profile and company profile more interesting
Most important of all, keyword optimize both your individual profile and your company page
So, if you got the letter, congratulations! Keep up the good work. If you didn't get one, maybe this is a wakeup call. If you want to see results, get busy and start engaging in strategic activity on LinkedIn, and hopefully one day soon you'll find a commendation letter in your inbox.
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