Are you a stealth job seeker or do you know someone who is? This week's LinkedIn advice is about searching for your next great job "under the radar" so you don't get fired from your current job. 
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I will answer these frequently asked questions:
1.  Will my being on LinkedIn suggest to my boss that I am looking for a job?
2.  What are the steps I should be following on LinkedIn to position myself for a new job and search for that job?
To answer question #1, if you use common sense, it's unlikely that it will be a red flag to your boss. Don't use words like seeking, pursuing, looking (the kind of words official job seekers may want to use), and don't make a bunch of profile changes all at the same time. Then you should look like the 200+ million people who use LinkedIn daily to grow their networks and their businesses.
For an in-depth answer to question #2, let me direct you to a special blog post I wrote for Careerealism. As part of their Professional Emancipation Project (P.E.P), I and several other career experts have shared our thoughts about how to break free of the "Golden Handcuff Effect" and take full ownership of your career.
My article, with 15 specific LinkedIn tips, is titled: 

Be sure to pass this on to your friends who need this information. They'll thank you for it!