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FAQ: Should I upgrade to a paid LinkedIn account?      

My latest LinkedIn user survey showed 15% of respondents have upgraded to one of the paid LinkedIn accounts, up from 8% a year ago. I personally don't have an upgraded account, but, in case you're interested, pricing starts as low as $15.95 per month.

Here's what I say about this issue in my new book:

Consider moving to one of the paid accounts if you are:


1.         A human resources professional

2.         A recruiter

3.         Someone who consistently runs into the screen that says you should upgrade


If you are regularly seeing the screen that suggests you should upgrade, you are probably using a LinkedIn feature that is working for you, and you may want to consider going to one of the paid accounts. 


For example, if you like to send InMails and/or introductions or would like to have more saved searches, you may want to upgrade your LinkedIn account. 


In general, I do not recommend moving to a paid account unless you fall into one of the three categories listed above. However, in order to encourage more of us to pay for LinkedIn on a monthly basis, there will undoubtedly be more and more valuable new features available exclusively to paid subscribers.



Features available to paid subscribers


Here are a few features you might find useful:


1.  Saved searches.  I would love to have more than three saved searches.


2.  Longer list of search results.  You get up to 100 results on the free account, but a longer list could mean more leads and thus more income.


3.  Who's Viewed Your Profile.  With a free account, you can only see the last five people who have scoped you out. An upgraded account lets you see everyone who's looked at your profile (unless they've blocked their name).


4.  Additional advanced search filters.  I'd especially like to have access to filtering by company size.


5.  Access to full profiles of more LinkedIn users. With a free account, you can see full profiles of your 1st and 2nd level connections. Access to specific information about more remote connections can help you develop a strategy for reaching out to those people.


6. InMails. You can purchase these for $10 each and thereby contact people to whom you are not connected. If the recipient does not reply within seven days, LinkedIn gives you a $10 credit. (Before buying an InMail, be sure to check if you are in a group with your target, because common group membership enables you to send a free message). 


I've had pretty good success with InMails. Most paid accounts come with a monthly allotment of InMails. The extra income that results from response to your InMails may actually cover the cost of your upgraded account.


There you have it, the complete lowdown on whether you should start forking over your hard-earned cash to upgrade your LinkedIn account. 


Has an upgraded account been beneficial for you?