When you need help with something, who do you call? An expert, of course. But if YOU are the expert, how can people find YOU? On LinkedIn, of course.
But it takes more than just throwing together a LinkedIn profile. 


Here are eight tips to lead people directly to your profile and spark engagement that will hopefully lead to profitable business.


1.  Recommendations. Nothing is better than someone else saying you're the best. Recommendations are definitely a differentiator when people are reviewing your profile and comparing you to your competitors. It takes a bit of work to get these, but you'll be surprised at the comments you get from people who are checking you out.

recommendation section  

 2.  Skills, Expertise and Related Endorsements. Even though this feature has caused a lot of confusion (and rightly so), it still has great value. You can display what it is you're expert at, and, if done correctly, it will help you get to the top of the list when people are looking for your products, services, and expertise.


Learn how to capitalize on this feature by reading 10 Tips to Help You Maximize LinkedIn Endorsements.


3.  Websites. This section is sorely misnamed. It should be called your hyperlinks to three web addresses (e.g., websites, blogs, videos on YouTube, Facebook fan page, email or event signup pages, etc.) where you can display your expertise for all to see and encourage engagement.


Don't waste these. Search engines love links to other websites, and including these hyperlinks will improve your search ranking. These are located in the Contact Info section of your profile.


website contact info  

4.  Your Professional Gallery (available in the Summary, Experience and Education sections of your profile). These are great places to display or link to documents (Word, Excel and pdf), video, Power Point presentations, blog entries, book reviews, and photos that allow the readers to see for themselves the depth of your expertise.
For more information on how to add items to your Professional Gallery, check out this article.
5.  Experience and Education. Take advantage of these 2,000-character sections on your profile to detail specifics of the cornerstones of your expertise--your education and job experience. I am always surprised by how many people underutilize these sections.
6.  Certifications, Publications, Languages, Test Scores, Courses and Projects. If you've got it, flaunt it! These LinkedIn profile sections are a great way to set yourself apart from your competitors.
new sections
7.  Honors & Awards. Don't be bashful about putting entries here. Remember--you are the only one who is going to tell your story. And you can be certain your competitors are proudly displaying their awards.
8.  Summary. Since this is near the top of your profile, people are probably still reading intently. Take advantage of this and include a specific call to action in your Summary. Direct them to other profile sections or to your website where they can pick up some additional resources and benefit from your expertise.
Here is an example of a call to action I include in the Summary section of my LinkedIn profile:
Check out my website at http://www.powerformula.net,  where you can:

  • sign up to receive my FREE weekly social media tips
  • download lots of FREE social media resources
  • view some of my video presentations
  • read my blog
  • learn about the many services I provide for individuals and companies 

I hope you found one or two "aha" nuggets in this list and make good use of them to further your status as an expert in your marketplace.