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I can’t figure out when I became a priest here in Milwaukee!

What I mean by that is very often when I meet people who have previously attended one of my training sessions, they say “hi” and then immediately begin “confessing” that they have not finished their profile, followed by a laundry list of excuses as to why they haven’t executed the strategies I taught them about LinkedIn.  The reason I bring this up is that you should do some real “soul searching” on whether you are executing your desires and goals on LinkedIn, always remembering that your competitors may have done just that, as you continue to make excuses.  I don’t mean to be a “downer” but want to encourage you to make this the week that you really get serious about this tool and begin to “crush” your competition (See Wildcard Tip).  Maybe Week 42 Tips will be just the encouragement you need.

Profile Tips

Recently I heard a comment from David Meerman Scott, who wrote the book “The New Rules of Marketing & PR,” and it relates to everything you do on social media sites but specifically on your LinkedIn profile.  He said, “You are what you publish.”  Need I say more?

Connection Tips

Here is a great tip for not only finding people that you want to connect with and also keep track of what is going on with that target.  Once you have landed on specific individuals that you would like to meet and you have them on a target list perform the following steps to help you ‘zero” in on the connection and the important information you want to have on that person.

o        Perform a People Search using that persons name aand see who in your network knows that person and make an attempt to see how you can best connect with them.

o        Do a Company Search and get information on the Company that may help you with your marketing into that Company but also note the people that are connected or have been connected with that Company and look see what level of connection you have with those individuals.

o        Go to Google and set up a Google Alert for keywords including persons name, their Company name, and any other project name or identifier.  You set this up my going to http://www.google.com/alerts

o        Set the Google Alert to notify you periodically of any new internet postings that have those keywords in the article.

Wildcard Tip or Question

If you are having any kind of trouble with your Linkedin account I have found that the customer service department is very helpful and pretty timely considering I am not a paid account user.  Here are the steps you should take if you have a problem or question:

1.       Click on the “Help” at the top of the screen or “Customer Service” at the

 bottom of screen.

2.       Type in your question and many times the FAQ will give you the answer you need.

3.       If you don’t find it you can put in a request by clicking the tab marked “Ask Customer Service”.  Type in your question and attach any screen shots that may help them see what it is exactly you are having trouble with.  They will usually respond it a day or two.

4.       If this doesn’t work, try emailing Linkedin at customerservice@linkedin.com or calling 650-687-3600.

Miscellaneous News and Notes--

Some of the other resources I provide are:

•       Customized corporate training classes
•       Keynote and workshop presentations for conventions and association meetings
•       Corporate social media strategy consulting
•       For Sale:  LinkedIn training DVDs for beginners and intermediate users
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Here is my upcoming schedule for teaching/speaking so you can share with friends, relatives and business associates.  Follow link or paste into your browser for additional details and registration information.
Wed Aug 18, 2010    Wayne's LinkedIn Power Formula Training for Beginners
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Wed July 28, 2010    Wayne's Intermediate LinkedIn Power Formula Training
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