I love getting insights from the person at the top of an organization, don't you? And who better to share with you how you should be using LinkedIn than "The Man" himself, LinkedIn CEO, Jeff Weiner. So take three minutes to view this portion of an interview with him. It goes from 5:35 to 8:37, and it should be queued up at 5:35.

Excerpts of the Weiner interview

Below I've included portions of Jeff's responses as well as some links to resources I've developed that should help you do LinkedIn "the Jeff Weiner way."

Q.  "Who does well on LinkedIn? What are the attributes of people who successfully use LinkedIn to get a job or advance in a job? What are the things, the tips people should know?

[Jeff's response]  "First and foremost, it starts with your profile and representing who you are professionally, your professional brand, your experiences, your skills, your ambitions, what it is you ultimately want to accomplish."

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[Jeff's response continued]  "So the more you invest in the relevancy and the freshness of your profile, the more likely you are to show up for opportunities. I am not just referring to job opportunities but all kinds of opportunities, people who want to connect with you, do business with you..."

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[Jeff's response continued]  "A profile is not just about text completeness like a resume...a LinkedIn profile now is essentially your professional portfolio."

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[Jeff's response continued]  "We have expanded our publishing platform, and today when you publish and you click that button to publish something…that's showing up near the top of your profile. That's your expertise and increasingly reflects who people are."

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[Jeff's response continued]  "It starts with profile completeness and taking advantage of these tools. It also extends to your network, who are you connecting with...and building out that network, because ultimately those are the people that are going to open the doors."

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Thanks, Jeff, for the great advice!