As I mentioned last week, I have compiled a list titled The 15 Reasons Why LinkedIn Isn’t Helping You Hit Your Sales Quota.

This week I’ll address another one of the reasons you might be falling short of your expectations on LinkedIn -- and this applies to everyone, whether you're in sales or not. If you're not selling a product or service, you're selling yourself or your company/organization.

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It Starts With Your Profile

Most people who view your profile are not ready to call you, email you, or buy a whole bunch of what you sell. ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????But the goal of your profile should be to at least move them closer to engaging with you.

Thus, it's important to include information in your profile that shows you are good at what you do, an expert in your field. Then you should continually post documents, videos, articles, etc. that demonstrate your expertise.

It's also beneficial to share your knowledge through status updates, discussions in groups, and comments on other people's updates, because everyone wants to hire or work with the most knowledgeable people in the industry.

Compelling Calls to Action

Once you've made a good first impression, there are lots of ways to nudge people to take action on LinkedIn. Some are quick and easy and others will take a little more effort, but you will find them to be well worth your time and energy.

Here are some of the best LinkedIn features and techniques for calling your reader to action, along with the amount of effort you'll need to devote to each one.

Low Effort/Good Results

  • Load or link video and documents in the Professional linkedin professional gallerGallery on your profile
  • Include a specific call to action in one section of your profile (The best places are your Summary section and job experience entries)
  • Add your specific contact information in your Contact Info and Advice for Contacting sections on your profile

Medium Effort/BetterResultsproject section

  • Add Publications or Projects section(s) to your profile and link to corresponding website pages

High Effort/Best Results

  • Post frequent (2-4 per day) individual status updates
  • Post or monitor group discussions in an industry specific group, and encourage readers to go to your website to find the answer to a question or join your LinkedIn network so they can get more information from you

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