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Can you believe that we have been at this together for over a year!  Wow - How time flies when we are having fun, and I do hope you are finding LinkedIn to be just that - fun.  Well, let’s get down to some serious tips & helps for you this week with Volume 49.

Profile Tips

This question comes up all the time from my work with job-seekers.  So those of you who are not in this mode (be thankful) can either skip to the next tip or read on so that you will be able to help a friend of yours who may currently be in this space. 

“Should I really put in my headline that I am looking for a job?  It sounds so negative.  I’m not sure I should do it.” 

I have been pretty consistent in my thinking, even though there is some debate in the LinkedIn world, and I stand firm with my answer being a strong “YES.”  My reasons are as follows:

 -It is the truth.

 -It shows you have confidence in “who and where you are,” and thus you probably have a similar confidence in the workplace as well.  Employers love that.

-When you are in this mode, your number one priority on LinkedIn is to find a job; so your network needs to hear that fact whenever you communicate with them.

-When you are in Groups, Answers, and all the other areas of LinkedIn, everyone will know that you are looking for a job.  Isn’t it cool that someone sees you just helped with a question or discussion, thinks you are smart, and then notices that you are looking for a job in the industry she is in, and she just happens to be the hiring manager for a company you would like to work for?

-If someone is looking at your profile, you don’t want it to be a puzzle to figure out that you are currently looking for a job.  You want your profile to scream out that you are looking for a job so they or someone they know can hire you.

How you word it is up to you, and here are some examples.  I always like to use the word “seeking” since I know that some people actually search on this word. 

Also, I do think you should list a current job with something like “Seeking a position at Unemployed” or “Unemployed and looking for a great job at Unemployed.”  Even though it looks and sounds a bit funny, it is just one more way to have clarity to the #1 thing in your life - finding that next great position.

Connection Tips

When was the last time you reviewed all the members in the groups that represent your most “fertile connection grounds”?  These are usually industry groups, related industry groups or groups that your customers are in.  This review has never let me down.  I always find someone who will be a good LinkedIn connection, and I usually find someone where I say, “I’ve just gotta meet this guy/gal!”  Hope you find some good ones.

Wildcard Tip or Question

On the right-hand side of your home page is the section “Who’s Viewed my Profile.”  This can be a very helpful tool (even though you usually don’t get their name), especially if you are consistent in checking this out on a daily basis.  The reason I say this is that this section will only list five people who “checked out” your profile, and they will be recent “check-outs.”  So, if you look at it frequently, you may be able to figure out who the person is.  Knowing this person recently “checked you out” may be just the tip you need to make that first call or follow-up call.  I always figure why not try to contact them now if you think they may have you on their mind.

I do have some bad news for those of you who think that if you upgrade to a paid account, you will get the names of the people.  Well, you don’t.  You can get more than five people at a time but will still not necessarily see who they are.  That is still controlled by the people themselves in the Settings function.

Miscellaneous News and Notes

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Hope your week is filled with lots of new connections that lead to new relationships and ultimately lead to lots of business.



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