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It has been very interesting to see the progress that so many of you have made over this past year that we have been communicating together about LinkedIn.  It is exciting to see that once you start to make LinkedIn a habit and not something you consider an “extra” in your day, results seem to come much easier and more consistently.  I hope you are all at that point. 


Here are my Volume 53 helps for this week that may just bring you along in that process.


Profile Tips


I know I have talked a lot about performing a keyword search test on your own individual profile, but what about doing the same thing on your company profile in the Companies section of LinkedIn?  For sure, this is a “gotta do.” 


Here is how you do it.  Go to “More” on the top toolbar and select “Companies,” and that will take you to the company’s home page.  In the keyword box, put keywords that you want to be found with, and then select the region that is appropriate for you.  Next, hit the Search button and make sure you come up.  Unlike the people search, if you have those words in your company profile, you will come up first.  It has nothing to do with the number of times that word appears or where it appears that puts you at the top.  Repeat this step for other words that you want to be found with.  For example, my keywords are:  office furniture, interior design, space planning, moving, raised floors, moveable walls, Haworth, etc. 


The other thing you want to do when you look at each of these search results is see who else comes up.  You might just be surprised who is on the list and just who isn’t on the list. 


Continue to think about other keywords that you should include on your profile and add them.  These are added by clicking on “Edit” on the top right of your company overview page, but you can only make changes to your company’s profile if you are the person who has the edit capabilities on your LinkedIn company profile.


Connection Tips


Here is a question I get all the time:  “I found someone on LinkedIn, and I am not connected to him at the first level, but I would like to contact him.  What are my options?”  Since this comes up so often and since it is the next step you are going to take after using LinkedIn’s most popular tool, “people searching,” let me take you through your options.  These are not in any order of best to worst since each situation and goal may be different.


·         Send a message.  You will see this option listed on the top right of someone’s profile if you have the rights to send a message, which means you are either connected at the first degree or are in a group together. 


·         Send InMail.  This will be at the top right of a person’s profile if you don’t have the rights to connect with him through a free message.  Most of us who are not on the paid account have blown through our five free InMails, maybe not even realizing that they are worth $10 apiece.  Yes, you can buy more InMails one at a time by going to Settings, and you will see a category that is called InMails.  This will show you how many you have left and allow you to click the Purchase button to buy more.  If you find yourself doing this often, you may want to upgrade your account for $24.95 a month, which gets you three more every month.  This in turn allows you to get all the other features of a paid account for nada.


·         Get introduced through a connection.  This is a great way to have your connection (friend) not only introduce you to that person, which always has a higher effectiveness, but also allows your connection to write something nice about you, your services or the products you offer (assuming you pick the right connection).  I would always suggest calling or emailing your friend and finding out about the strength of the connection.  At the same time you will want to remind your friend about how an introduction works on Linkedin so it doesn’t get stuck in the Linkedin introduction pipe!


·         Join a group that person is in.  This may not dawn on you right away, but if the person is a member of a group that you are not a part of but it is an open group, i.e., Green Bay Packer Group, Wisconsin Networking Group, etc., you could join the group and then have the ability to send him a message simply by becoming a member.  You not only saved $10, but you have increased your chances of having that email opened since the email states that you and that person you wanted to contact are now in a group together and thus have something more in common than just the fact that you would like to help him with his upcoming office furniture needs.


·         Call the company and ask for him.  Duh!  Believe it or not, this still works.


·         Send him something by snail mail.  Don’t be surprised that this may have an increased effectiveness since we don’t’ seem to get as much of this anymore.   If handwritten, it will probably at least get opened.


·         Stop at his place of business and drop off some “goodies.”  That will sure surprise him.  We drop off a bag of M&M’s, plain or peanut.


Wildcard Tip or Question


Linkedin just added a pretty cool beta feature for those of you posting or considering posting a job on the Linkedin job board or site.  By the way, the cost of posting for 30 days for one job is $195, but you can get that price down by buying advance credits.  What this feature does is to give you up to 24 highly qualified matches for your posting in a business card style format.  Check it out at:


I gotta believe this feature is here to stay.


Miscellaneous News and Notes


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I hope you have a super week contacting new people using whatever method you choose.  Be confident in the contact since you are the best at what you do, aren’t you?




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