There's something about September 1 that seems to motivate people to think about ending the year strong and preparing for a record-setting new year. Setting the 2016 business direction, 3d renderAnd that's why my phone was ringing off the hook this past week. Companies want me to provide LinkedIn training so everyone can be up and running at peak "LinkedIn efficiency" in 2016.

To position you, too, for a banner year, I'm giving you a resource (see below) I share with many of my corporate clients. It will help you discover what parts of your LinkedIn profile and LinkedIn activities need some adjustment so you can operate at peak "LinkedIn efficiency." It's called the LinkedIn Success Scorecard: How do you measure up?

In about five minutes, you'll know what needs to be beefed up in order to set yourself up for a record-breaking 2016.

If you need help making these changes or developing your strategy, refer to my book or use keywords to search my blog.Screen Shot 2015-09-02 at 2.45.35 PM

For example, if you need help with your profile Summary (question 3), go to pages 49-56 in my book or search my blog using the word "summary," and Professor Wayne will give you a detailed lesson on improving your Summary section.

Once you make these changes, you'll be ready to hit your lofty business objectives for the rest of this year, for 2016, and beyond.

Then let me know how you're crushing it in the new year!


Download (PDF, 314KB)