Last week I addressed seven simple ways to tweak your LinkedIn profile to give it a more professional appearance on the mobile app--iStock_000024725062_Smalland also improve the likelihood that viewers will engage with you.

Let me remind you again that you can do some editing on the mobile site, but I suggest you make changes to your profile on the LinkedIn site rather than on the app. However, wherever you choose to make changes, be sure to check how your changes appear on the LinkedIn site and the mobile app.

More ways to get your mobile house in order

It will take a few minutes to make these tweaks, but it will be time well spent since more than 50 percent of LinkedIn members are now using the mobile app.

Job Titles.  LinkedIn does not truncate your job titles on mobile, so you'll want to take full advantage of your 100 characters. And by including Screen Shot 2016-01-05 at 3.44.08 PMa few descriptive words after your formal job title, readers will understand exactly what you can do for them--and it will also improve where you appear in the LinkedIn search rankings.

Volunteering.  Because this optional profile section appears on mobile, be sure to highlight any nonprofit organizations with which you're involved.

Skills & Endorsements.  The top four skills you've listed on your regular profile will be displayed on your mobile profile. Therefore, make sure IMG_0880they are your most important skills (a/k/a keywords). As you may have noticed, this section seems to have a mind of its own, but you can add additional skills and rearrange the skills in the order you prefer.

Recommendations.  On mobile, LinkedIn highlights one of your recommendations--and usually only the first part of that recommendation. I can't figure out how they choose which one to display, but if the one that shows up on your mobile profile isn't as flattering as you'd like it to be, I suggest you ask the writer to revise his/her recommendation. In the alternative, you may wish to hide that recommendation. Then, if you're lucky, LinkedIn might display one of your more impactful recommendations on mobile.

Accomplishments.  This mobile section displays the raw number of publications, courses and certifications from the corresponding Screen Shot 2016-01-05 at 3.37.31 PMsections on your LinkedIn profile. Therefore, if you have published material, taken courses or received certifications, be sure to flaunt them on your profile, and you'll receive the added benefit of having these numbers show up on mobile.

People Also Viewed.  This is the final section of your mobile profile, and LinkedIn has given it lots of space and even a color of its own for added emphasis. But it's important to decide whether you really want this emphasis.

People Also Viewed is an optional section on your LinkedIn profile, IMG_0882but it is automatically included unless you go to Settings and choose to eliminate it. Some people see it as a roadmap to their competitors. Only you can decide if it's helping or hurting you.

To learn more, read LinkedIn's People Also Viewed: How to Make it Work for You.

There you have it--all the steps you need to take to ensure that your professional brand is being displayed clearly and correctly on LinkedIn's mobile site.