When I jump into something new, different or confusing (like LinkedIn), Stop leaving us in the darkI often wonder how other people are using it and how can it help me improve myself or my business. And that's why I launched my LinkedIn User Survey way back in 2009.

Over the past seven years, I have shared with you, my treasured audience, answers to questions like these (2015 results are in red):

  • What percent of the LinkedIn users are paying for a premium account? (18%)
  • How many hours per week are people spending on LinkedIn? (51% spend 0-2 hours per week)
  • How many LinkedIn groups do people belong to? (37% are in 1-9 groups)
  • What is the top rated feature on LinkedIn? (Who's Viewed Your Profile)
  • What are people saying LinkedIn has helped them with? (77% said "Research people and companies")

Over 1,400 people shared their opinions with me last year. If you'd like to see the complete results, click here.

2016 LinkedIn User Survey

Now it's time to fire up the LinkedIn survey machine again, and I'd be honored if you would take iStock_000018913584Smalljust three minutes (I timed it myself) and complete the survey.

As an additional incentive to participate, three lucky winners will receive full access to my online video-based LinkedIn course Explode Your Revenues Using LinkedIn ($147 value). Also, near the end of the survey, there's a box you can check if you'd like to receive the full results of the survey.

To participate in the survey, click this link or cut and paste it into your browser.


Thanks for your continued readership and support. The information you share in the survey will ensure that I can continue to provide you with the most relevant information each week.