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Do You Want to Improve Your LinkedIn Search Rankings?

Have you ever wondered how LinkedIn determines the order of search results? All LinkedIn will tell us is their algorithm is based on relevancy to the searcher—but if you read their explanation of relevancy to the searcher, you’ll probably come away more confused than ever! The bottom line is this is their secret sauce, and they’re not about to share all the ingredients with their users. However, because I spend 40+ hours each week helping…Continue Reading »

How Good Are You at LinkedIn? Get Your FREE Score Now!

Ever wonder if you are doing the right things on LinkedIn in order to get the most out of the site? Well, LinkedIn has an awesome FREE grading system called the LinkedIn Social Selling Index (SSI). However, most people have not taken advantage of it. And don’t be turned off by the word “selling” just because you’re not a salesperson. Let’s face it—we’re all selling something. If you’re not selling products or services, you’re selling…Continue Reading »

What Should You Do If Someone Views Your LinkedIn Profile?

After someone looks at your LinkedIn profile, you’d probably like them to call you, email you, or send you a LinkedIn connection request, right? But what if the reader is not quite ready to take that big step? What if (s)he needs more information about you, your company, or your products/services before (s)he picks up the phone or reaches out to you with an email? This is where calls to action (CTAs) come in. What…Continue Reading »

Is Your LinkedIn Inbound Invitations Inbox Filled with Opportunities?

When you answer the door or the phone and aren’t sure what the person wants, you undoubtedly say, “How can I help you?” But why aren’t you asking the same question when strangers ask you to join their LinkedIn networks? Perhaps it’s because you aren’t really sure how to pose the question on LinkedIn or don’t understand the benefit of asking how you can help. Now, of course, some of the strangers are spammers or just want to…Continue Reading »

These LinkedIn Company Page Changes are Really Game-changers!

LinkedIn just keeps the changes coming, and this article will focus on the exciting changes relating to your LinkedIn company page (LinkedIn now refers to this simply as your “page”). And more good news—they don’t require any kind of premium account or paid advertising. If you’re not the person responsible for your company’s LinkedIn page, be sure to share this article with that person—he or she will thank you later. Note: I will be covering…Continue Reading »

Are Your Employees Helping or Hurting Your LinkedIn Corporate Brand?

Over 62 million companies have LinkedIn company pages, and that’s a great place to start, but you may not get the results you desire from your company page alone. The road to real corporate marketing success begins with company employees presenting a consistent branding message on their personal LinkedIn profiles. But if you’re company management, how can you help your employees share the responsibility for promoting your company’s products or services? It starts with creating…Continue Reading »

When Should You Drop Someone from Your LinkedIn Network?

Your LinkedIn network is one of your most valuable business assets. Therefore, you should add people to your network very strategically. But people change and circumstances change, and occasionally you may find it necessary to remove someone from your network. . Why should you drop someone from your network? This list is certainly not exhaustive, but here are a few situations that might prompt you to take action: .  Someone is filling your Inbox with…Continue Reading »

There’s Still Time to Make 2023 Your Best Year Ever

Are you frustrated with your results thus far in 2023—or have you had a great first half and want to keep rolling through year’s end? Well, I’ve got good news for you. If you follow these simple LinkedIn tips, 2023 just may be your best year ever. And these suggestions are not just for salespeople and business owners. If you’re looking for a new job, in need of volunteers or donors for your nonprofit, or…Continue Reading »

Is it Time for a LinkedIn Profile Headline Tune-up?

Everyone knows headlines are important, but what exactly is a headline?  “Headline: [noun] a head of a newspaper story or article printed in large type and giving the gist of the story or article that follows”  (Merriam-Webster Dictionary) But if headlines are so important, then why do most LinkedIn profile headlines (maybe even yours) simply state a person’s current title and current company name? Because the user hasn’t updated his/her headline. Until you craft a first-class,…Continue Reading »

LinkedIn University Pages (Free Feature) Could Be The Key To Finding Your Next Great Employee

During my upcoming virtual workshop Using LinkedIn to Recruit Top Talent Without a Premium Account on July 10, I’ll show you eight ways to effectively use free LinkedIn to find and reach out to people who have the perfect experience for your open positions. You can check out the details of that workshop and register here. Here is a preview of just one of the eight highly productive LinkedIn strategies I will be sharing during the workshop….Continue Reading »