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“To succeed in business today you need to thoroughly
understand how to leverage one of today’s most powerful
tools, LinkedIn. A great first step is to read Breitbarth’s book.”

—Erik Qualman, international bestselling author of Socialnomics

re you at a social-media disadvantage if you entered the business world before the rise of Facebook? Wayne Breitbarth argues that the opposite is true when it comes to LinkedIn: your experience and connections as a seasoned professional give you a leg up in harnessing the benefits of LinkedIn, and LinkedIn can extend your reach even further with minimal time each week.

In The Power Formula for LinkedIn Success, you’ll learn how to

  • Navigate the world’s largest business networking site
  • Create a powerful personal profile
  • Discover your next job, customer or opportunity This practical, user-friendly guide will give you the confidence to stop worrying about being left behind and begin utilizing this cutting-edge tool to take your branding and marketing efforts to the next level.


"The Power Formula for LinkedIn Success is a great guide for anyone looking to leverage LinkedIn for professional development purposes. I highly recommend this book for novices in particular who will find Breitbarth’s style user-friendly and geekspeak free. Worthy of space on the bookshelf or on your handy-dandy Kindle.”

—Shama Kabani, author of the bestselling The Zen of Social Media Marketing

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