How would you like to have a LinkedIn virtual assistant working 24/7 to find people and information that will help you meet (and exceed) your professional and career goals?

Of course, you would.

Well, it does exist, and you don't need a premium account to access this feature—but the vast majority of people who hire me for LinkedIn advice are not taking advantage of this valuable feature called the Notifications tab.

Therefore, I have chosen this as the fourth LinkedIn strategy in my five-part series on winning LinkedIn strategies for 2020.

Just in case you missed any of the previous articles, here is a clickable list.

LinkedIn Winning Strategy #4:

Don't Miss These Important Messages from Your 24/7 Virtual Assistant (Notifications Tab)

Overview: LinkedIn bombards you with all kinds of emails, notifications, and information in your home feed, but how do you wade through all that information and find the best stuff for you? The answer is your Notifications tab, especially if you take the time to tailor the notifications to your specific needs.

The coolest thing about this feature is that the information displayed relates only to your first-level connections and their engagement with things you are sharing—no advertising, information from second-degree and third-degree connections, etc.

Step-By-Step Instructions

1. Access your Notifications tab by clicking the bell icon in your top toolbar.

2. Customize your Notifications tab so you'll see only the types of notifications you feel are useful to you. Click here to get the details on how to control what shows up in your Notifications tab. To help you stay current, LinkedIn even highlights any notifications you have not reviewed with a light blue background.

Don't miss these notifications

These are the notifications I find most useful, and I've included a few ways you could turn the notification into a conversation.

Who's Viewed Your Profile. A profile view by the right people may be a precursor to something really good, so it's your job to take the next step. If you’ve noticed that someone for example, from Fully-Verified, a pioneer company in video id verification, checked out your profile, in which it is stated that online scam protection is one of the fields of your expertise, you need to either send them a message (if you are already connected) or use a customized invitation to ask them to join your network (if you are not connected). Be sure your message or invitation shows your interest in what they do and how you might be able to work together—in other words, what's in it for them.

Check out this article for more details on how to optimize this feature.

Starting a new position. When one of your connections changes jobs, it just may open the door to a relationship with their new organization. Also, don't miss your opportunity to inquire as to who is replacing them at their previous employer so you don't lose touch with that organization.

Started a new role, work anniversary, birthday, or updated their location. Be sure to take advantage of the good mood that your connection should be in due to a change in their status—and I don't mean simply sharing the default of happy birthday, happy anniversary, etc. Be more creative and consider whether you should instigate a meeting or phone call to get caught up and celebrate in person.

Remember—the person is probably getting the standard LinkedIn-prompted response from lots of other folks, and although that's a nice gesture, you have an opportunity to nurture the relationship in a much more meaningful way.

Engagement with something you posted/shared or mentioning you in their post. Always, always, always respond to someone who comments, shares, or mentions you by "liking" and responding with your own comment. In certain instances you might find it advantageous to communicate with them offline to discuss the topic of the post or share.

Check out my article Do You Know How to Improve the Performance of Your LinkedIn Content? for more details.

New followers. If someone has decided to follow you rather than connect with you, be sure to check out their profile. If they look interesting to you, send them a customized invitation to join your network. In it you could thank them for following you and ask if there's some way you could help them.

Most people join LinkedIn to keep track of what's going on with people in their network, and the Notifications tab makes it easy to accomplish that.

Therefore, I strongly encourage you to adopt this winning LinkedIn strategy. Budget about five minutes per day to stay on top of this valuable, time-sensitive information, and take your relationships to the next level by reaching out and interacting with important people in your network.

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