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LinkedIn Training Seminars -- Now being livestreamed!

LinkedIn Extravaganza

For the first time ever, this event will be livestreamed.

My LinkedIn Extravaganza is an all-day event typically held in various Midwestern locations. You can pick just one or two sessions or stay for the whole day. Events are held every three or four months.

But because the effects of the Coronavirus span the globe, I want to meet you where you are in the midst of this crisis and help your business and career keep moving forward. So the sessions will be livestreamed with Zoom rather than being held in a local meeting room.

In these sessions I will help you discover easy ways to leverage LinkedIn for your business and career. Whether you are a social media novice or savvy user, you will come away with action steps that can produce immediate results.

Sessions offered:

LinkedIn 101: The Power Formula for LinkedIn Success
Using LinkedIn to Generate a Steady Stream of Sales Prospects
Unlocking LinkedIn’s Corporate Marketing & Recruiting Potential

See below for detailed descriptions of each session.

Bonus Resources and Added Benefits:

In addition to action-packed two-hour training sessions filled with tips and techniques you can quickly and easily implement, you will receive a copy of my book: The Power Formula for LinkedIn Success (United States residents only). Your book will be delivered via U.S. mail.

Handouts for all classes will be emailed to you before the sessions.


There are no classes currently scheduled. Please check back for future offerings.


LinkedIn 101: The Power Formula For LinkedIn Success  (8:30-10:30AM CDT)

This class is for you if you are:

  • Getting invitations to connect on LinkedIn from friends and business associates but don’t know what to do with them
  • Interested in learning how using LinkedIn can lead to increased revenue
  • Looking for a job and want to learn how this innovative tool can improve your chances of finding the perfect position
  • Searching for new ways to market or brand yourself or your business

You will learn how to:

  • Use your unique experience and existing relationships to harness the full power of LinkedIn
  • Begin developing a strategy for how you can most effectively use LinkedIn to accomplish your goals
  • Create a compelling profile that will allow people to find you
  • Successfully search for potential customers, suppliers, employees, etc.
  • Join and use groups to generate business opportunities
  • Effectively manage your time spent on LinkedIn

This class has something for everyone--and it's a great foundation for my sales and marketing classes, too.


There are no classes currently scheduled. Please check back for future offerings.


Using LinkedIn to Generate a Steady Stream of Sales Prospects  (11:00AM-1:00PM CDT)

Are you a sales professional who is actively using LinkedIn but still looking for more ways to use it to generate quality leads and close more deals?

Then let me help you move beyond the basics and show you how to:

  • Find prospects that lead to sales
  • Drive traffic to your profile and website
  • Build credibility in your marketplace
  • Discover insider information about your prospects
  • Develop an overall strategy to accomplish your most ambitious goals

I am a nationally recognized speaker, author and consultant. Join the over 100,000 people who I've taught to effectively use the world's most popular professional networking site, LinkedIn.

Using a practical yet humorous approach, I share specific examples, stories, and illustrations that are the direct result of my 40 years’ experience in business consulting and business ownership.

In this fast-paced two-hour session, you will:

  • Learn how top producers are using LinkedIn  
  • Find out how to track your customers and potential customers
  • Learn simple but proven strategies to grow your business and career

Don’t miss this chance to develop the LinkedIn skills that will help you generate a steady stream of sales leads that you can turn into sales dollars!


There are no classes currently scheduled. Please check back for future offerings.


Unlocking LinkedIn's Corporate Marketing & Recruiting Potential  (2:00-4:00PM CDT)

Do you think LinkedIn is only for individuals? Well, think again! Smart companies are using LinkedIn to:

  • Promote their products and services 
  • Increase their visibility in the marketplace
  • Demonstrate their thought leadership 
  • Build a community of followers
  • Recruit the best talent with little or no cost

Let me use my knowledge and experience to show you how investing in your company’s LinkedIn presence will lead to greater marketing and branding success.

In this class you will learn how to:

  • Build a LinkedIn company page that will attract maximum attention
  • Drive more potential customers to your company’s website
  • Capitalize on LinkedIn’s powerful advertising opportunities
  • Effectively share company news with your LinkedIn audience
  • Implement the best practices of LinkedIn’s most successful corporate users
  • Gain a competitive advantage over other companies in your marketplace
  • Execute a highly targeted LinkedIn recruiting strategy

Who Should Attend?

Attendees should have at least a basic understanding of and familiarity with LinkedIn and other social media platforms and could include any of the following:

  • Persons responsible for the overall marketing and branding
 efforts of an organization
  • Persons responsible for finding and recruiting new employees
  • Company owners and top-level executives responsible for
 sales, marketing, and branding initiatives

Don’t miss this opportunity to jump-start your marketing and recruiting efforts and make this a year to remember!


There are no classes currently scheduled. Please check back for future offerings.