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How 15 Minutes on LinkedIn Can Make All the Difference

Because LinkedIn is constantly changing, people frequently ask me what they should be doing each day for maximum LinkedIn success. So today I’m going to give you a 15-minute daily to-do list. If you want more help with time management on LinkedIn, you can find many of these daily ideas—along with weekly, monthly and quarterly to-do lists—in one of the most popular chapters in my book, Ready…Set…Go: A Six-Week, Two-Hour-Per-Week Roadmap to Results. . Your…Continue Reading »

Here’s How to Unlock the Power of Your LinkedIn Profile

Do you want your LinkedIn profile to be more engaging, interesting, and found by more of the right people? Of course, you do—and so do nearly all of my one-on-one LinkedIn consulting clients when I ask them what they want to accomplish during our phone and screen-share sessions. So I’m going to share with you some of the suggestions I make to my clients to help them spruce up their profiles, get found by their…Continue Reading »

LinkedIn is the Best Referral Tool You’ve Ever Had

Whether it’s a referral to an exciting new customer with big potential, a new supplier or vendor with a more effective solution, or a referral to your next great employer, referrals are not only highly effective, but it can be fun meeting your friends’ friends. However, it’s not easy to ask the open-ended question, “Who in your network could help me find a job, customer, etc.?” So, rather than putting all the pressure on your connection…Continue Reading »

Your FREE LinkedIn 24/7 Virtual Assistant is Waiting for You

How would you like to have a LinkedIn virtual assistant working 24/7 to find people and information that will help you meet (and exceed) your professional and career goals? Of course, you would. Well, it does exist, and you don’t need a premium account to access this feature—but the vast majority of people who hire me for LinkedIn advice are not taking advantage of this valuable feature called the Notifications tab. Therefore, I have chosen…Continue Reading »

Your LinkedIn Network is a Gold Mine of Opportunity

Are you collecting LinkedIn connections like you used to collect baseball cards? And are they just sitting there—like that box of baseball cards in the closet—gathering dust? Well, it’s time to take action and use LinkedIn to maximize those relationships. In this week’s article, the third in my five-part series of winning LinkedIn strategies for 2020, I will show you how to capitalize on the connections you already have. (If you missed the two previous…Continue Reading »

Your Classmates Are Waiting For You On LinkedIn

Would you be thrilled if I invited you to a networking event with a roomful of fellow alumni who are directly in your target audience? Well, I can do better than that. You can stay in your jammies and still have direct access to all of those valuable fellow alums—and it’s free! In this second article of my five-part “winning LinkedIn strategies for 2020 that you may not have heard of” series, you’ll learn about…Continue Reading »

Have You Ever Tried This Winning LinkedIn Strategy?

Most people have been using LinkedIn for about ten years, and yet I still run into way too many people who haven’t found consistent ways to use LinkedIn to grow their business, brand, or land a great job opportunity. Thus, I’m going to dedicate my first five weekly articles of 2020 to helping you create an overall LinkedIn strategy that will get you the professional results you deserve. . LinkedIn Winning Strategy #1: You are…Continue Reading »

Here is What My 2020 LinkedIn Crystal Ball Reveals

It’s that time of year when I am bombarded with requests for my predictions about what is ahead for LinkedIn. Rather than predict how many times they’re going to change the profile, what new features they’ll add or remove, and how long they’ll take to roll out the new features, I’m going to make one overarching prediction for 2020: The gap between people and companies that really understand LinkedIn and are seeing results and those…Continue Reading »

Here’s How To Make LinkedIn Part Of Your 2020 Success Plan

Are you starting to put your game plan together for 2020? Is LinkedIn part of that plan? If not, it’s probably because you don’t know exactly what to do each week to get results. Well, it’s your lucky day. I recently revised and updated my LinkedIn Game Plan for Success: Your One-Hour Weekly Playbook for Results. It’s received rave reviews from my recent audiences, and I know you’re going to love it, too. Start following these steps…Continue Reading »

10 Ways LinkedIn Can Help Sell Out All of Your 2020 Events

Do you have any events planned for next year? If so, LinkedIn can be one of your best tools to make sure you fill the seats—and I’m not even referring to the brand new LinkedIn Events feature. I’ve attempted to use this new feature and am not yet in a position to confidently say that using it helped me fill seats at my events. Check it out for yourself by reading the LinkedIn Events – FAQ…Continue Reading »