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Here are Two FREE LinkedIn Strategies for Finding Your Next Great Employee

LinkedIn’s database includes over 950 million professionals, and smart companies are capitalizing on this massive database. However, LinkedIn is not very user-friendly when it comes to searching for great new employees. LinkedIn’s simple solution is to purchase their Recruiter product—but Recruiter licenses come at an annual cost of $6,000 to $8,000 per user. Well, as a past CFO myself, I never really thought much of one-size-fits-all solutions—especially those with hefty price tags. So, as your…Continue Reading »

Are You Taking Advantage of Your FREE LinkedIn Job Posting?

Have you taken advantage of your free LinkedIn job posting? What??? You didn’t know you could do that? Yes, and it has been that way for quite a while now. However, in typical LinkedIn fashion, they failed to let you know. Here is an article from the LinkedIn Help Center that will give you the blow-by-blow details. Of course, they will encourage you to boost that free job post, but you don’t have to do…Continue Reading »

Simple Ways to Reach Out to Friends (and Strangers) You Find on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is always the best research tool to find the right people, but it may not always be the best tool for communicating with them. I confidently share this statement with most of my audiences, and here’s why. Most people have a LinkedIn profile by now, and we can find those pretty easily. But based on user statistics that LinkedIn used to share often (but hasn’t shared since its purchase by Microsoft) and also reports…Continue Reading »

Do You Know How to Recruit the Best Employees on LinkedIn without a Premium Account?

LinkedIn could quite possibly be the greatest tool you have to address all of the openings you currently have at your company, and I don’t mean just paying LinkedIn to post your open positions. So how much time did you spend on the site last week taking advantage of the world’s largest professional network with over 900 million members? Don’t feel like you’re alone if you answered “very little time.” I find that most people…Continue Reading »

LinkedIn Recommendations May Just Be More Important Than You Think

Recommendations, testimonials, positive reviews, and five-star ratings are all ways you and your company’s brand can be compared and contrasted with others. Then you are either selected—or not! LinkedIn has always made recommendations a very prominent part of your personal profile. Has it been a while since you thought just how helpful—or not—your LinkedIn recommendations are for you? This article will help you think about recommendations in a new way, and it’s one of the…Continue Reading »

Your Most Important 15 Minutes on LinkedIn

Because LinkedIn is constantly changing, people frequently ask me what they should be doing each day for maximum LinkedIn success. So today I’m going to give you a 15-minute daily to-do list. If you want more help with time management on LinkedIn, especially if you are involved in sales or growing your business then be sure to attend my upcoming virtual workshop Using LinkedIn to Generate a Steady Stream of Sales Prospects on January 30. …Continue Reading »

Add this FREE LinkedIn Feature to Your Profile and Get Big Results in 2023

Have you added the Featured section to your profile yet? I am simply confounded by how many people I help with a one-on-one virtual consultation have not taken advantage of this powerful section. And even those who have added it, many of them haven’t included their most current and important information. I often refer to this feature as the carousel of your best stuff. It’s a can’t miss visually and the easiest, most functional way…Continue Reading »

Ring in the New Year with these 2023 LinkedIn Resolutions

Happy New Year! I hope you had a safe and fun New Year’s celebration and are looking forward to having a super successful 2023. In doing my part as your trusted LinkedIn advisor, I’d like to share with you the very best resolutions for improving your LinkedIn profile and LinkedIn activities so that your efforts on the site can contribute (hopefully in a really big way) to your success this year. I have also included…Continue Reading »

Here is How to Make LinkedIn Part of Your 2023 Success Plan

Are you starting to put your game plan together for 2023? Is LinkedIn part of that plan? If not, it’s probably because you don’t know exactly what to do each week to get results. Well, it’s your lucky day. I created a LinkedIn Game Plan for Success: Your One-Hour Weekly Playbook for Results. It’s received rave reviews from my audiences, and I know you’re going to love it, too. Start following these steps now, and…Continue Reading »

Take These LinkedIn Steps Now to Land a Great Job in 2023

I am thinking of looking for a new job next year. What are the best LinkedIn strategies that I should be executing for my 2023 job search? In the past couple months, this was one of the top questions I got from people who are looking to upgrade their careers. In response to this question, along with multiple quick, actionable steps to take right away (several included in the rest of this article), I also…Continue Reading »