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LinkedIn Can Help You Make Your Next Business Meeting More Productive

Way to go! You finally got that meeting or phone call set up with a person you’ve been looking forward to talking with. Whether it’s a sales call, job interview, donor information session, or just a casual coffee with someone who might be able to help you, you’ve taken the first step. But how can you best prepare for this important meeting? Go straight to the person’s LinkedIn profile. It’s a virtual goldmine of insights about…Continue Reading »

This Video Will Help You Crush Your 2019 Goals

It’s not too late to make a plan to crush your 2019 goals—and LinkedIn can help you do it. This video and the detailed article below outline five LinkedIn strategies that bring big results—and they can all be accomplished with a free LinkedIn account. A big thank you to my friends at Patina Solutions for co-hosting and coordinating the webinar event. Enjoy! Five LinkedIn strategies that bring big results After the broad comments, you’ll find…Continue Reading »

Are You Missing an Opportunity with Your Inbound LinkedIn Invitations?

Are total strangers inviting you to join their LinkedIn networks? This will begin to happen with greater frequency as you become more active on LinkedIn, expand your network, and join larger LinkedIn groups. Some people assume that because you’re members of the same group or you have mutual connections, you’ll want to connect with them on the first-degree level. If your LinkedIn strategy is to only connect with people you know and trust, you may…Continue Reading »

What Are the Best Features of LinkedIn Sales Navigator?

Because LinkedIn is putting more limits on the better features of their free accounts, business professionals who use those features to grow their networks and get results are asking me, Is LinkedIn Sales Navigator really worth the $79.99/month? I’ve been using Sales Navigator for about five years. Since it’s a fairly expensive upgrade, I’ve put together some facts, figures, and personal thoughts to help you figure out if it’s right for you. Note: These comments…Continue Reading »

Are you Seeing Poor Results From Your LinkedIn Company Page?

Over 31 million companies have LinkedIn company pages, and that’s a great place to start, but you may not get the results you desire from your company page alone. The road to real corporate marketing success begins with company employees presenting a consistent branding message on their personal LinkedIn profiles. But if you’re company management, how can you help your employees share the responsibility for promoting your company’s products or services? It starts with creating…Continue Reading »

There’s Still Time to Make 2019 Your Best Year Ever

Are you frustrated with your results thus far in 2019—or have you had a great first half and want to keep rolling through year’s end? Well, I’ve got good news for you. If you follow these simple LinkedIn tips, 2019 just may be your best year ever. And these suggestions are not just for salespeople and business owners. If you’re looking for a new job, in need of volunteers or donors for your nonprofit, or…Continue Reading »

Don’t Let Your Competitors be Highlighted on Your LinkedIn Profile

One of the highlights of my work week is helping people improve their LinkedIn profile and formulate a strategy for engaging in the kind of LinkedIn activities that will produce real results (see special offer below to book a phone consultation with me). More often than not, one of the LinkedIn features we talk about (and it applies to both profile optimization and activity strategy) is the People Also Viewed profile section. This optional section (that’s…Continue Reading »

How To Build A Free LinkedIn Prospect Machine

If you’ve got five minutes, you can create a first-rate list of prospects, plus have LinkedIn notify you when new people match your prospect criteria—and you don’t even need a premium membership to do it. But I’m always amazed at just how many self-proclaimed experienced LinkedIn users do not know how to do this. Therefore, I’m going to show you just how simple it is to do it with the current free LinkedIn user interface….Continue Reading »

How to Make Sure Your LinkedIn Profile Really Sounds Like You

“Before I meet someone for the first time, I send them a link to my profile. I think that—when we meet someone—the entire first meeting (as well as the rest of the relationship) is a confirmation (or correction) of our pre-existing expectations. I send my profile in advance because I think it will establish the right expectations. Looking at my LinkedIn profile is a lot like meeting me.” —Artie Isaac (Vistage chair, CEO coach, and  creativity…Continue Reading »

LinkedIn: A Stealth Job Seeker’s Best Friend

Are you stuck in a dead-end job? Not making the money you deserve? Just need a change but afraid your boss will find out if you start looking for a new job? LinkedIn to the rescue! Obviously, you don’t want to use words like seeking, pursuing or looking in your LinkedIn profile—that’s the quickest way to the unemployment line. But sprucing up your profile, adjusting a few of your settings, and creating targeted search alerts are a…Continue Reading »