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10 Quick Ways to Spring Clean Your LinkedIn Profile

Spring is always a great time to take a fresh look at your professional image, and your LinkedIn profile is the perfect place to start. Here are ten easy ways to brush off the cobwebs and whip your LinkedIn profile into shape this spring. 1. Headline, Profile Photo and Background Photo. More people will see your headline, profile photo, and background photo than any other part of your profile. Make a good first impression by including…Continue Reading »

It’s Easy to Recruit for FREE on LinkedIn

LinkedIn’s massive database of over 600 million people probably includes many, if not all, of the hard to find, specially qualified and trained people your organization is looking for. I feel very confident in that statement, and I demonstrate each and every week when I consult with business professionals around the world. To help you find and reach out to your next great employee, I’ve put together the following list of tips. If you’re in…Continue Reading »

Are People Respecting Your LinkedIn Profile?

Are you still confused by LinkedIn’s Skills & Endorsements? If you are, you’re certainly not alone. I’ve found from my weekly one-on-one LinkedIn consultations that this profile section is the most misunderstood. It’s sort of like the Rodney Dangerfield of LinkedIn profile sections. (Yes, I know—I’m dating myself!) Rodney Dangerfield was a comedian in the 1980’s whose main applause line was “I don’t get no respect.” I think that describes this LinkedIn profile section perfectly….Continue Reading »

Who Are the Best People to Add to Your LinkedIn Network?

What is your strategy for adding people to your LinkedIn network? This was the question I was addressing when I wrote the 12th chapter of the soon-to-be-released 4th edition of my best-selling book The Power Formula for LinkedIn Success. This new version includes updated screen shots, revised content, and a brand new chapter about LinkedIn mobile. Preorder your copy now, and it will be delivered by April 2, 2019. Here is an excerpt from Chapter…Continue Reading »

Here’s How to Get Big Results at Your Next Conference With LinkedIn

This week I gave a LinkedIn presentation at a huge conference on the West Coast, and it reminded me about how much time and money people and companies commit to these types of events. It also struck me that very few people have a system or procedure to ensure that they’ll see measurable results from their investment of time and money. Here are some steps you can take before, during and after your next conference…Continue Reading »

Here are the Top 2 Reasons to Use LinkedIn

LinkedIn has lots of potential uses, depending on who you are, what you do, who you want to meet, where you’re located, etc. But just what are the typical business functions most people say LinkedIn has helped them with? According to my latest LinkedIn user survey, the vast majority of respondents said two functions are far and away the most useful: . Research people and companies (77% of respondents) . Reconnect with past business associates/colleagues (71%…Continue Reading »

10 Super Simple Ways to Improve Your LinkedIn Summary

A well-executed elevator speech is a powerful business tool. During the time it takes for an average elevator ride, you need to sum up what your company makes or does and get your listener excited about it.  Your LinkedIn Summary section is similar to an elevator speech. Because it typically shows up near the top of your profile, it’s one of the first things a person sees when looking at your profile. It has also gained…Continue Reading »

Will the LinkedIn Magic Happen When You Get To 500+ Connections?

LinkedIn connections are the gas in your tank. The more you have, the further you’ll go, especially if the gas in your tank is “high octane” (strategic connections). To learn how to get more strategic LinkedIn connections, check out my article “Is Your LinkedIn Network Made Up of the Right People?” But is there really something magical about having 500+ people in your network? The results of my latest LinkedIn user survey can help us answer that…Continue Reading »

Is Hiding Your LinkedIn Connections a Good Move?

Should you let your first-level connections see all of your other first-level connections? Should you let them search into the entire list? This question can lead to a lively debate. Typical answers include: That’s not fair! Networking is about sharing and Of course, I hide them—that’s my client list! or You want to have your cake and eat it too if you hide them. But how many people are actually hiding their connections from their network? On my most…Continue Reading »

It’s Simple for You to Fix These 10 LinkedIn Mistakes in Minutes

When someone looks at your LinkedIn profile, does it look like you are an experienced, knowledgeable user or like you just started a few weeks ago? As a LinkedIn consultant and speaker, I look at hundreds of profiles each week, and many of them are downright embarrassing. But the good news is that most of the mistakes can be fixed in just a few minutes. . 10 fast and easy solutions to common LinkedIn mistakes…Continue Reading »