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Latest LinkedIn Blog Posts

What Are You Missing by NOT Paying for LinkedIn?

“Is it worth it to start paying for a premium LinkedIn account?” I can always count on hearing this question during the Q&A portion of my LinkedIn presentations. My latest LinkedIn user survey showed 20 percent of respondents have upgraded to one of the paid LinkedIn accounts—up from 15 percent a few years ago. More people are discovering specific features that work well for them, and they upgrade because they want more of those goodies….Continue Reading »

Do You Know All of the Most Important LinkedIn Character Limits?

This week I’m going to address another one of those frequently asked questions: How many characters can I use in my headline? Summary section? Job titles? And in typical Wayne fashion, I’m not going to stop with the raw numbers. Rather, I’ll comment on the most important character limits and why you may want to use all the characters LinkedIn allows. (Note: All numbers in parentheses represent the maximum characters allowed.) . Individual Profile Headline…Continue Reading »

Do You Know the LinkedIn Business Growth Formula?

“I have been on LinkedIn for a long time now and still can’t say that it has led me to any new relationships that have generated any new business.” I hear comments like this all too frequently when I meet with new consulting clients or speak at conferences and corporate events. LinkedIn is the largest database of decision-makers on the planet, but the majority of businesspeople have yet to figure out how to make money…Continue Reading »

Get Your Free LinkedIn Grade Now!

It’s back-to-school time here in the United States, and that means lots of new beginnings—teachers, friends, activities, and, of course, a new grading period. So, what does this have to do with LinkedIn? Well, a few years ago LinkedIn came out with a new, FREE grading system for all users. This was previously only available to their largest corporate users. It’s called the LinkedIn Social Selling Index (SSI). Even though this tool has been available for…Continue Reading »

Is Opportunity Calling You on LinkedIn?

When you answer the door or the phone and aren’t sure what the person wants, you undoubtedly say, “How can I help you?” But why aren’t you asking the same question when strangers ask you to join their LinkedIn network? Perhaps it’s because you aren’t really sure how to pose the question on LinkedIn or don’t understand the benefit of asking how you can help. Now, of course, some of the strangers are spammers or just want to…Continue Reading »

Are You Missing Important Information on Your LinkedIn Profile?

I field lots of questions each week about LinkedIn, but one of the most-asked questions is: What information should I include on my LinkedIn profile? As a general rule, if your answer to any of these questions is “Yes,” then you should include the information on your profile: . Does putting this on my profile add to my story or increase my credibility? . Does putting this on my profile make it easier for people…Continue Reading »

It’s Easy to Build a Targeted Prospect List on LinkedIn in 5 Minutes

It only takes about five minutes on LinkedIn to put together a perfect list of people you might want to meet—and you don’t even need a premium membership to do it. But I’m always amazed at just how many self-proclaimed experienced LinkedIn users do not know how to do this. Therefore, I’m going to show you just how simple it is to do it with the current free LinkedIn user interface. At this time there…Continue Reading »

LinkedIn Tips for the Discreet Job Seeker

Are you stuck in a dead-end job? Not making the money you deserve? Just need a change but afraid your boss will find out if you start looking for a new job? LinkedIn to the rescue! Obviously, you don’t want to use words like seeking, pursuing or looking in your LinkedIn profile—that’s the quickest way to the unemployment line. But sprucing up your profile, joining the right groups, and “following” companies you’d like to work for are…Continue Reading »

Is LinkedIn Actually Hurting Your Chances for New Relationships?

Even though LinkedIn seems to have eliminated the silly default message that was sent when you invited someone to join your network, they may have made matters worse by now including no message at all in your invitation unless you choose to include a custom message. If you send LinkedIn’s basic invitation to join your network, you’ll be lowering the chances of having your invitation accepted. You are trying to encourage important professionals to become…Continue Reading »

How to Improve Your Chances of Getting a Response on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is always the best research tool to find the right people, but it may not always be the best tool for communicating with them. I confidently share this statement with most of my audiences, and here’s why. Most people have a LinkedIn profile by now, and we can find those pretty easily. But based on user statistics that LinkedIn used to share often (but haven’t shared since their purchase by Microsoft) and also reports…Continue Reading »