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Did You Miss These Important 2020 LinkedIn Updates?

LinkedIn made significant changes and updates to its site in the first half of 2020—too many to discuss in one article. Therefore, I’ve put the changes in three buckets: those that are applicable to all LinkedIn members, LinkedIn company page changes, and LinkedIn changes for job seekers. Today I’ll address the changes for all users. Look for the next two articles in coming weeks. I will skip the changes that aren’t widely distributed yet (like…Continue Reading »

Should You Drop People From Your LinkedIn Network?

Your LinkedIn network is one of your most valuable business assets. Therefore, you should add people to your network very strategically. But people change and circumstances change, and occasionally you may find it necessary to remove someone from your network. . Why should you drop someone from your network? This list is certainly not exhaustive, but here are a few situations that might prompt you to take action: .  Someone is filling your Inbox with…Continue Reading »

How to Use LinkedIn to Recruit and Hire Top Talent—for free

LinkedIn’s database includes almost 700 million professionals, and smart companies are capitalizing on this massive database. However, LinkedIn is not very user friendly when it comes to searching for great new employees. LinkedIn’s simple solution is to purchase their Recruiter product—but Recruiter licenses come at an annual cost of $6,000 to $8,000 per user. Well, as a past CFO myself, I never really thought much of one-size-fits-all solutions—especially those with hefty price tags. So, as…Continue Reading »

You Need to Visit Your LinkedIn Company Page Right Away!

In the last couple years, LinkedIn has made several significant revisions to the functionality and content sections of your company page. For starters, they now simply call it a “page” rather than a “company page.” I’d like to share with you three of the most significant enhancements related to sharing information and news about your organization with the entire LinkedIn network, which is now over 690 million people. If you’d like to learn about all…Continue Reading »

Leverage LinkedIn for Your Job Search During (and after) the Pandemic

What LinkedIn steps should I be taking right now to prepare myself for a possible job switch in the near future? Since the pandemic hit, this is the #1 question I get from people who are looking to upgrade their careers. In response to this question, I have created a brand new virtual workshop Leverage LinkedIn for Your Job Search During the Pandemic: Get noticed. Get past the gatekeeper. Get hired. I invite you to…Continue Reading »

Do You Know How to Boost Your LinkedIn Profile Views?

Most people will agree that LinkedIn has established itself as one of the best marketing tools on the planet for business professionals, and part of your marketing strategy, whether marketing yourself and/or your products and services, should be to encourage marketing events or interactions with your target audience. One of the most important marketing events on LinkedIn is profile views. When someone views your profile, it’s like they walked into your store, ready to do…Continue Reading »

Impress Your LinkedIn Network (and your mom) With Thank-You Notes

In honor of Mother’s Day, I want to reinforce something your mom taught you—writing thank-you notes. It’s time to dust off that time-proven technique—and not just because it’s good etiquette but because it’s good business, too. When to send a thank-you note Some people are adding dozens of people to their LinkedIn network each week, and sending a personal note to each person may not be possible. But, at the very least, I suggest sending…Continue Reading »

Simple Ways to Come up Higher in LinkedIn Search Results

Have you ever wondered how LinkedIn determines the order of search results? All LinkedIn will tell us is their algorithm is based on relevancy to the searcher—but if you read their explanation of relevancy to the searcher, you’ll probably come away more confused than ever! The bottom line is this is their secret sauce, and they’re not about to share all the ingredients with their users. However, because I spend 40+ hours each week helping…Continue Reading »

Did You Miss These New Simple LinkedIn Job Search Settings?

Finding a job is a time-consuming endeavor—updating your resume, filling out applications, networking, etc. But here are a few simple ways to boost your chances of getting a great job—and you can do them in only 30 minutes. . Enable the Open to Job Opportunities feature on your LinkedIn profile Lots of job seekers didn’t even notice when this new feature became available a month or so ago. If you’re one of those people, you…Continue Reading »

Best Ways to Use LinkedIn During the Coronavirus Pandemic

“The long-term relevance of the brand is more important than short-term sales.”  That is a quote from a recent blog post by Mark Schaefer, author of six best-selling marketing books. His most recent book, KNOWN: The Handbook for Building and Unleashing Your Personal Brand in the Digital Age, is my go-to reference on this topic online canadian pharmacy . In this blog post he talks about the importance of adjusting our marketing messages to the…Continue Reading »