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LinkedIn Can Help You Recruit and Hire Top Talent—for free

LinkedIn could quite possibly be the greatest tool you have to address all of the openings you currently have at your company, and I don’t mean just paying LinkedIn to post your open positions. So how much time did you spend on the site last week taking advantage of the world’s largest professional network with over 775 million members? Don’t feel like you’re alone if you answered “very little time.” I find that most people…Continue Reading »

How Many of These 10 LinkedIn Mistakes is Your Company Making?

One plus one equals two, right? Well, not in the LinkedIn world. For the most part, LinkedIn members have been using the site to pursue their individual goals and objectives. It’s now time for the company to gather up the troops and bring all these individuals together—with their connections and their voices—and put forth a consistent company message. There is immense exponential value when the employees and company work together. Note: Don’t miss your last…Continue Reading »

10 Easy Ways to Get More LinkedIn Company Page Followers

Your LinkedIn company page has several important purposes and none more important than to share, influence, educate, and attract your target audience—but none of that will be effective unless people make the choice to “follow” your company. Note: I will be covering these strategies and so many more at my upcoming 90-minute virtual workshop Optimize Your LinkedIn Company Page & Effectively Market Your Business on October 4. Check out the details and register here. Here…Continue Reading »

Are You Seeing Poor or No Results From Your LinkedIn Company Page?

Over 59 million companies have LinkedIn company pages, and that’s a great place to start, but you may not get the results you desire from your company page alone. The road to real corporate marketing success begins with company employees presenting a consistent branding message on their personal LinkedIn profiles. But if you’re company management, how can you help your employees share the responsibility for promoting your company’s products or services? It starts with creating…Continue Reading »

This LinkedIn Profile Entry Could Be Costing You Business or Job Opportunities

If you haven’t given serious thought to what location and industry you’ve selected on your LinkedIn profile, you’re probably leaving money on the table. Why? Because you aren’t coming up in the search list when your target audience uses them to search for someone like you. Most people haven’t given this choice a moment’s consideration since setting up their profile many years ago. I suggest now is a good time to reconsider what you’ve selected…Continue Reading »

Planning a trip? Better get on LinkedIn first.

Travel is coming back, and whether it’s travel for fun, work, or maybe a little of both, you want to make sure you get the best bang for your travel buck. For me, that means trying to spend time with as many important people as I can fit into my schedule. LinkedIn has some great ways to help you find those potential candidates who just might make a big difference down the road. So grab your…Continue Reading »

There’s Still Time to Make 2021 Your Best Year Ever

Are you frustrated with your results thus far in 2021—or have you had a great first half and want to keep rolling through year’s end? Well, I’ve got good news for you. If you follow these simple LinkedIn tips, 2021 just may be your best year ever. And these suggestions are not just for salespeople and business owners. If you’re looking for a new job, in need of volunteers or donors for your nonprofit, or…Continue Reading »

Is LinkedIn Sales Navigator Really Worth the $79.99/month?

LinkedIn is contacting more and more companies and trying to convince them to upgrade their sales teams to Sales Navigator accounts. In addition, LinkedIn is putting more limits on the better features of their free accounts. Thus, more and more business professionals are asking me, Is LinkedIn Sales Navigator really worth the $79.99/month? I’ve been using Sales Navigator for about seven years. Since it’s a fairly expensive upgrade, I’ve put together some facts, figures, and…Continue Reading »

“4 interviews with top Fortune 500 companies 5 days later”- Here’s how…

“I attended a LinkedIn workshop by Wayne. Updated my LinkedIn profile using all his awesome tips and got 4 interviews with top Fortune 500 companies 5 days later.” – Sandra Palacios-Serrato (July 9, 2021) So, what specific tip did I share with Sandra to get these game-changing results? Well, it’s hard to know exactly because I shared so many actionable LinkedIn tips and strategies at that event, but I’m pretty sure the three tips outlined below just…Continue Reading »

Do You Know How to Get More Hiring Managers to View Your LinkedIn Profile?

Whether you’re officially looking for a new job or just trying to get noticed by the right people in case they might be interested in you, the number one thing you need to do is get your LinkedIn profile in front of the hiring managers at your target companies. In this article I will outline the four proactive LinkedIn steps you can take to get that done. By the way, I will be sharing these…Continue Reading »