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Why LinkedIn Recommendations Are More Important Than Ever

With all the recent emphasis on LinkedIn endorsements, is it still important to have recommendations displayed on your profile? This is currently a very common point of confusion on LinkedIn, and I’m here to clear up the confusion. The answer is you better believe it! . LinkedIn Recommendations: The Secrets Revealed This will not be the standard discussion of LinkedIn recommendations—how important they are and how you should strive to get a couple for each job…Continue Reading »

Here Is How To Make LinkedIn Part Of Your 2019 Success Plan

Are you starting to put your game plan together for 2019? Is LinkedIn part of that plan? If not, it’s probably because you don’t know exactly what to do each week to get results. Well, it’s your lucky day. I recently revised and updated my LinkedIn Game Plan for Success: Your One-Hour Weekly Playbook for Results. It’s received rave reviews from my recent audiences, and I know you’re going to love it, too. Start following these steps…Continue Reading »

Are You Finding that No One is Listening to You on LinkedIn?

“Lately I seem to have a much lower level of engagement (views, likes, comments or shares) on the articles I’m writing and the things I’m posting on LinkedIn.” I hear this frequently from my consulting clients as well as people in my LinkedIn network. They want to know why this is happening and how they can get back to “the good old days.” First, more people are writing and sharing than ever before on LinkedIn,…Continue Reading »

Protect Your LinkedIn Data Now for Free!

LinkedIn giveth and LinkedIn taketh away—and that’s why you need to protect your data. For instance, LinkedIn is finally rolling out its much anticipated new Groups feature, which I personally haven’t seen yet, but the comments I’ve heard are mostly negative. I’ll cover this change in detail once I’ve received the updated version and have had some time to digest and work with it. The negativity revolves around the loss of a couple significant functions related…Continue Reading »

What Are You Missing by NOT Paying for LinkedIn?

“Is it worth it to start paying for a premium LinkedIn account?” I can always count on hearing this question during the Q&A portion of my LinkedIn presentations. My latest LinkedIn user survey showed 20 percent of respondents have upgraded to one of the paid LinkedIn accounts—up from 15 percent a few years ago. More people are discovering specific features that work well for them, and they upgrade because they want more of those goodies….Continue Reading »

Do You Know All of the Most Important LinkedIn Character Limits?

This week I’m going to address another one of those frequently asked questions: How many characters can I use in my headline? Summary section? Job titles? And in typical Wayne fashion, I’m not going to stop with the raw numbers. Rather, I’ll comment on the most important character limits and why you may want to use all the characters LinkedIn allows. (Note: All numbers in parentheses represent the maximum characters allowed.) . Individual Profile Headline…Continue Reading »

Do You Know the LinkedIn Business Growth Formula?

“I have been on LinkedIn for a long time now and still can’t say that it has led me to any new relationships that have generated any new business.” I hear comments like this all too frequently when I meet with new consulting clients or speak at conferences and corporate events. LinkedIn is the largest database of decision-makers on the planet, but the majority of businesspeople have yet to figure out how to make money…Continue Reading »

Get Your Free LinkedIn Grade Now!

It’s back-to-school time here in the United States, and that means lots of new beginnings—teachers, friends, activities, and, of course, a new grading period. So, what does this have to do with LinkedIn? Well, a few years ago LinkedIn came out with a new, FREE grading system for all users. This was previously only available to their largest corporate users. It’s called the LinkedIn Social Selling Index (SSI). Even though this tool has been available for…Continue Reading »

Is Opportunity Calling You on LinkedIn?

When you answer the door or the phone and aren’t sure what the person wants, you undoubtedly say, “How can I help you?” But why aren’t you asking the same question when strangers ask you to join their LinkedIn network? Perhaps it’s because you aren’t really sure how to pose the question on LinkedIn or don’t understand the benefit of asking how you can help. Now, of course, some of the strangers are spammers or just want to…Continue Reading »

Are You Missing Important Information on Your LinkedIn Profile?

I field lots of questions each week about LinkedIn, but one of the most-asked questions is: What information should I include on my LinkedIn profile? As a general rule, if your answer to any of these questions is “Yes,” then you should include the information on your profile: . Does putting this on my profile add to my story or increase my credibility? . Does putting this on my profile make it easier for people…Continue Reading »