Welcome Back Linkedin Experts-
I hope you consider yourself one, if not why not?  Based on my score on the Linkulator (See wildcard below) I am better than 90% of the people on Linkedin and hope you are up there as well based on the fact that we have been communicating for 14 weeks now.  I would think by now you have some documented "wins" or "relationships" that have started based on some technique you have learned using Linkedin.  Get movin! 

Profile Tips--
When was the last time you considered whether your "professional headline" (this is what shows up right under your name) really adding to your story or capabilities?  This is an amazing tool, considering some people may not see anything past this quick branding "pop" that shows up every time your name shows up on Linkedin.  Here are something's you may consider putting in that "3 second bumper sticker"
                -type of customers or projects you work on
                -brands you carry
                -certifications you have
                -years of experience
                -territories you have responsibility for
                -number of projects you have completed
Is your professional  headline more interesting or descriptive than your closest competitor?--check theirs out and if you say "no" you got some work to do. Remember this is how you are being compared in the marketplace.
Connection Tips--
Have you added your Linkedin URL to your website, business cards, resume, letterhead or email signature?  If not you are missing an opportunity for people to not only connect with you but get some very detailed helpful information at the click of a keystroke.
Wildcard Tip or Question--
Check out a cool tool that I found at http://www.linkedintuition.com/score.html.  It is called the Linkulator, a way to score how well you are doing on Linkedin.  My score was "71"; Average Credibility Score is 39.3!  This is really a neat way to compare how you are doing, giving you good feedback on what you could be doing better. 

Miscellaneous News and Notes--



Have a great week adding "trusted professionals"  to your Linkedin network.  Remember you can't have too many #1's as long as they are just that---"trusted professionals".


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