Welcome Back, Everyone:

I recently spent the day at the Social Media University, as a student, not a presenter (that was refreshing), which was an all-day event with great workshops on all of the hottest tools available, and I can tell you that the overwhelming conclusion is that if you only have time for just one of the tools (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, blogging, YouTube), that LinkedIn would win the "Best for Business Award" hands down.  All the others have strength and are somewhat helpful for business, but just to play the game you better have LinkedIn going with a strong presence and a strong connection network. 

Profile Tips

I have always liked the Amazon Book List application from the standpoint of it’s "just cool," but the more I think about it, I am now sold on the fact that it does help your profile from a BEEFY standpoint.  How so, you say?  It is just another thing on your profile that can add to your credibility and your being an interesting person that someone would like to connect with and maybe do business with.

My suggestion is to make sure your list as it appears on your profile (your two most recent postings) includes one business book and one book you read for enjoyment or fun.  If you do this consistently, people will conclude you are smart and a student of business, and they will also see you as interesting and fun. 

Also, did you know you can follow others' book lists, which gives you another thing to talk about and connect with others on when you meet them face to face.  This is fun and a way to show you have interest in what they are interested in.

Connection Tips

How many groups are you in?  You are allowed 50 – yes, 50 – and what is my recommendation of how many you should try to be in?  You guessed it – all 50.  I know you probably don't have the time to monitor and be active in 50 groups, none of us do, but there are a few reasons why you should have lots of groups which you are a member of but be active and monitoring a handful.  The big reasons you want to be in lots of groups, even those you are not staying on top of, are:

1.  You will be found.

2.  You will find others when searching within that group, and it will give you an affiliation that may open a door.

3.  You can send messages to all the members of that group even though you are not connected directly.

The groups you should consider adding should have to do with what your strategy is on LinkedIn.  Things like associations that your customers are a part of, groups that are closely related to your direct industry, regional groups that are outside of your market area but are targets for you or some of your customers or suppliers are ideas for groups you should consider joining.  If you are big in southeastern Wisconsin, you should make sure you are part of the largest groups locally.  If you search Groups and put "Wisconsin" or "Milwaukee," it will give you the largest groups that include those words in their profile.  If they are open, like Link Up Milwaukee (over 5700 members)...join it.  What a great way to get some "loosely affiliated" connections really fast.

Wildcard Tip or Question

As a followup to last week’s message about video in your profile, here is a link that I found to an actual video that will walk you through the steps.  It is really helpful.  http://www.linkedintomarketing.com/blog/how-to-create-a-video-within-your-linkedin-profile.htm.  Consider this strongly.  It really makes your profile BEEFY!

Miscellaneous News and Notes

Here is my upcoming schedule for teaching/speaking so you can share with friends, relatives and business associates.  Follow link for additional details and registration information.

Tues Feb 9, 2010      Caffeine & Connections (Free Coffee and LinkedIn Help)

                                 Gravity Marketing; 6:00am-8:30am

Wed Feb 10, 2010    Wayne's LinkedIn Power Formula Training for Beginners
                                  M&M Office Interiors; 5:00 pm - 7:00 pm

Thurs Feb 18, 2010    Power Formula for Networking Using Social Media
                                   M&M Office Interiors; 7:30am-8:30am
                                   Waukesha Chamber of Commerce

Tues Feb 23, 2010     Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Be On LinkedIn
                                    Knights of Columbus, 3200 S. 103rd St.; 1:00pm-2:30pm
                                    ABLE South
                                    Call UWM School of Continuing Education 414-227-3098

Thurs Feb 25, 2010    Top 10 “Gotta Do’s” on LinkedIn for Business Development

                                    Jobcamp3; Noon-1:00pm session
                                    Potawatomi Casino; 9am-6pm


Wed Mar 10, 2010    Marketing Yourself Through Social Media

                                  NARI Remodeler & Supplier Expo 10:45am-12:15pm

                                  Majestic Theater


Thurs Mar 18, 2010     Wayne's Intermediate LinkedIn Power Formula Training
                                    M&M Office Interiors; 5:00 PM - 7:00 PM

Remember:  "Your Network = Your Net worth," and LinkedIn will help you grow them both!


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