Because at most times you're probably closer to your mobile device than your desktop, it's important to understand the limitations and opportunities on the LinkedIn mobile app and adjust your LinkedIn strategy accordingly.

Linkedin has done a pretty good job of making the latest version of the desktop and the mobile app look and function the same, but there are still significant differences that need to be recognized. In order to take advantage of the full array of LinkedIn features, I generally access the desktop version because my tablet defaults to the mobile app.

Last week I wrote about specific strategies for getting your profile on the mobile app in tip-top shape. Now I will address mobile app activity features and other simple strategies that will help you capitalize on LinkedIn when you're on the go.

Best LinkedIn mobile app strategies and features

Search for specific types of people. Advanced people search has long been one of the most helpful LinkedIn features on the desktop, but on the mobile app—well, not so much. But now things have changed. Although it's not the full advanced people search you might be used to, it's getting better and is definitively worth checking out.

Start by entering a keyword like marketing in the big, white search box on the top of your mobile app. Then select Marketing in People and click the word Filters on the top right.

You can further refine your search for people by connections (1st, 2nd or 3rd), connections of (my personal favorite), locations, current companies, past companies, industries, or schools.

Click the word Done in the top right corner when you're finished selecting your additional search filters. From the search results you can select the profiles you'd like to examine.

The are a lot more search filters on the desktop and you can also save searches, but the mobile app works pretty well when you need to do a quick search in a parking lot or airport.

Personalize your invitation to connect. Just click the three dots below the person's profile photo on your mobile screen and select Personalize invite. Then you have 300 characters to tell the person why it would be helpful for him/her to join your LinkedIn network.

Rather than simply clicking the Connect button on someone's profile, get in the habit of personalizing your invitations—on desktop and mobile—and you'll improve your chances of getting connected to people in your target audience.

Personalized invitations you receive. When you click the My Network icon on the bottom of the mobile home page, the invitations you've received will be displayed at the top of the screen. When you discover an invitation that includes a personalized note, it's usually a good idea to message the person back.

In my experience, when people write me a personalized note, there's a much greater chance that the relationship will bring about a win-win result.

Review your personal notifications. This is a "must click" tab because Linkedin has put in one place all the most important things going on in your network—with no advertising and no information from people you're not connected to. In other words, it's the stuff you want to know about and maybe engage with.

It ranges from important dates (birthdays, work anniversaries and job changes) to who is interacting with the things you've been publishing or engaging with. It's a virtual roadmap to information that could and should lead to a real interaction with someone.

Don't forget to utilize the tagging (@mention) feature for either the individual or their company for more interaction, engagement, and exposure when commenting or sharing information. Just click the "@" and then select the person you want to mention in your update. They will then be notified of your mention, and their name is then hyperlinked to their profile.

Share a status update. From the home page of your mobile app you can easily share and include your personal comments about an article, photo or video. Either copy and paste the article URL from your mobile web browser or directly upload a video or photo. This important LinkedIn function works seamlessly on the mobile app.

Send a direct message. Click the Messaging tab at the bottom of the app, and your LinkedIn inbox will appear, with all inbound and outbound messages in chronological order and looking very similar to the desktop version of your inbox. This function works great and allows you to respond in a timely manner, which is so important in the speed-to-answer world we find ourselves in.

I hope this primer on the best activity features on LinkedIn's mobile app helps you stay connected to your network anytime your mobile device is within reach.


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