LinkedIn's massive database of over 600 million people probably includes many, if not all, of the hard to find, specially qualified and trained people your organization is looking for.

I feel very confident in that statement, and I demonstrate each and every week when I consult with business professionals around the world.

To help you find and reach out to your next great employee, I've put together the following list of tips.

If you're in job-seeking mode, this list will be extremely valuable for you, too, because it will help you understand how companies are looking for you and what steps you can take to increase your chances of being found on LinkedIn.

Eight Ways to Use LinkedIn to Find Your Next Great Employee

Please note that all of the techniques outlined here can be accomplished with a free LinkedIn account.

1. Personal Status Update. Use a status update to ask your network if they know of anyone who is qualified for the position you are attempting to fill. After all, this is your network, and the people in your network know you well and understand the nature of your company. If someone in your network is aware of a prospective candidate, he/she should be able to quickly introduce you to the candidate.

This is the easiest and most efficient way to find your next hire. That being said, I would not post this question in your Share a post box every day, but try to limit this question to a couple times per week at different times of the day, maybe even once on the weekend.

This kind of update should be done by the person whose LinkedIn network includes the most people who might be qualified for the position you're trying to fill. For instance, if you're looking for salespeople, the sales manager's network probably has more qualified candidates than people in the HR Department.

To get additional exposure, ask a few of your most connected coworkers or friends to “like," comment on, or share the post, find cleaners smyrna ga. That will get the post in front of all their connections as well.

I know a president of a local company who found a new VP for his company in just five days after using a status update to ask his network for help. Think of the time and money that saved him.

2. Company Page Post. On your company page, post a similar update. This shares the information with all followers of your company page. Job seekers interested in working for your company are probably among your followers.

To broaden your reach beyond your company page followers, ask all employees in the company to "like," comment on, or share this update so all their connections view it as well.

Consider “pinning” your status update to the top of the update feed.

3. Published Posts. All LinkedIn users can write long-form type articles that will permanently stay on their profiles. This is a great way to display your expertise. But you can also post a job of the week or a listing of all your openings, with links, so the reader can get more details or apply on your website—and this isn’t just for HR Department personnel. It can be even more effective when department heads post their job openings, because they’re more likely to have potential candidates in their LinkedIn networks.

4. Advanced People Search. Use these criteria when building your Advanced People Search:

  • Title. Be sure to try some different words for the same job.
  • Keywords. Here you can get very creative, using things like specialty software, skills, specific industries, territories or regions of the country, etc. Find interview-ready candidates by including words like pursuing, seeking or looking.
  • Companies. Put your competitor's name(s) here. You can choose current or past, based on your desire to hire someone who is still there, has left their employ, or either. This is really helpful. It's how I found the last employee I hired.
  • Connections of. Drop the name of one of your connections in this filter box, and then use any of the other available filters to get a great list of potential candidates that he or she knows.

From the search results, send customized LinkedIn connection requests to people you aren’t connected to whom you might be interested in hiring, and explain your interest in speaking to them about your job opening.

5. Direct Message Candidates in Your First-Degree Network. Using criterion similar to those listed in #4 above, perform an Advanced People Search of your network. Then send direct messages to the best candidates from the search results, and give them the details of your current job opening.

6. Search Alert. Once you have landed on a search or searches that brought you some good potential candidates, save that search by clicking the words Create search alert in the right-hand column toward the bottom of the page. Then on an ongoing basis LinkedIn will look for more potential candidates by regularly searching your network, including new connections people in your network are making.

7. University Page. Here you can find potential candidates who attended a specific school. Fellow alumni of the schools you attended is a good place to start.

Access this by clicking the name of one of the schools on your profile or type the name of a school you're interested in, and click that entry when it shows up in the drop-down menu. Once you’re on the university’s page, select the Alumni tab.

You can filter the individuals by:

  • Where they live
  • Where they work
  • What they do
  • What they studied
  • What they are skilled at
  • How you are connected

8. Job Board. Finally, the obvious one, post a job on LinkedIn's Job Board. There are various pricing plans and discounts. Find this by clicking the Jobs tab on the top toolbar and clicking Post a job on the top right.

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